Thursday, March 25, 2010

Those Dirty Little Diggers

Gerry Brownlee paid back Mallard today during Question Time.

He produced a large colour photo of Mallard, Goff and Co taken outside the Black Ball miners hall during the 2008 election campaign. There they were, the dirty little diggers, swearing allegiance to the industry which spawned their party but now is all BAD BAD BAD.

These are the same guys who issued 218 mining permits on the DOC estate when they were in power.

So, today's Labour brains trust consists of who and what?

Mallard the Miner

Goff the Gouger

King the Komatsu

Barker the Bucket Wheel

Dyson the Dump Truck

Cunliffe the Conveyor

Parker the Pick Axe

See  full size image

And so it goes on..............



Yes, I have just been listening to Gerry on Newstalk ZB.
Looks like National and Brownlee have done much to win back the propaganda war but there is still everything to play for.

Psycho Milt said...

What's Brownlee's point? Labour politicians don't have a problem with mining, just with doing it on land deemed most worthy of protection from shit like mining? Well, yes Gerry, that's correct. Anything else?


I have just posted a lovely pic of Phil Goff at the Pike River Mine last March, the mine that Chris Carter approved.
Those dirty little diggers were at it again when they tried reconnecting with the voters.
Gerry Brownlee certainly found a rich new vein of Liarbour hypocrisy today.

Psycho Milt said...

So, your point is that Phil Goff successfully handled a sensitive issue like this without making the enormous pig's ear of it that Gerry Brownlee's achieved? Yeah, seems fair enough.


I see your point PM, but I think Liarbour has been caught red-handed saying different things in different parts of the country.
National had to pull their socks up and they did.