Sunday, March 21, 2010

They Paid Their Own Way

Unlike our many, tax payer funded, business class, brown gallivanters who travel far and wide to perform 'blessings' in all sorts of strange and often luxurious foreign places.

What's more, these guys are going to take home some of their ancestral fish's eggs.

That's not a bad start. I wonder if they will take the Waihope Three along as well and let them loose on the dams. I hope they do because the Yanks won't muck around with some damn fool jury.


Barnsley Bill said...

I bet you read the story like I did. Quickly scanning down to the part where they had scammed some official arm of govt to pay for this jolly.
Like you I was surprised to see they have done it through hard work. Good for them. I find the whole premise of their mission a bit odd but hopefully they will be allowed to take some eggs home and re-establish the fishery.

Peta said...

No he didn't. Its teh truth to himz.