Monday, March 29, 2010

Still Much To Do........

.......Tony Ryall.

This evening Adolf was struck down by an intense guts ache. So intense was it that after two hours he gave up, got dressed and drove down to A & E at North Shore Hospital.

Seeing a sign 'Patient's Car Park' he left his car and spent ten minutes finding a door which would let him into the establishment. Eventually a creature turning up for work was able to wave vaguely in 'that direction' and direct the dying patient to the A & E entrance.

I kid you not. 'What if I die before I get there?' I asked the creature. He had gone. Eventually I found my way to the reception. Some fool asked "Are you right?" I refrained from the usual reply which is "I'm never known to be wrong" and asked instead "No, do I look right?"

A person with a stethoscope then asked a few questions and directed me to take a seat and await a doctor. I asked "Do you know how long I might be waiting?"

''We can't give you a time but it is unlikely you will see a doctor in less than four hours." came the encouraging reply.

One hour and $100 later I was on my way home with an ECG record and a diagnosis of gall bladder issues. That was from the private clinic across the road. They said "You were lucky. Most people have to wait six hours or more."


Barnsley Bill said...

I assume you mean the white cross across the road. Top establishment that one.
Hope the gall bladder settles down. Lay of the vino till treatment course is set.

Anonymous said...

its actually fat you need to keep to keep away from.
did they arrange for you to have an ultrasound tomorrow? Will your GP then send you in for a surgical opinion?
If the ultrasound proves to be negative, then you might have gastritis (early peptic ulcer), in which case you may need a gastroscope

Peter2715626 said...

You would not wait a minute if health services would be subject to free market and no government intervention.
I think the idea of government being somehow involved in medical services is one the biggest mistakes of humanity. Who invented this? Was is Marx or Engels? Maybe Lenin?

Dr_GregoryHouse said...

North Shore Hospital is world famous in NZ for its standard of patient care: your case illustrates this fact perfectly.

But look on the bright side, at least you were not admitted and then exposed to its equally renowned random roulette diagnosis and treatment system whilst lying on a gurney in a corridor.

Psycho Milt said...

Who invented this? Was is Marx or Engels? Maybe Lenin?

Try "Every liberal capitalist democracy in existence." If you think about it for a little while, you may even stumble across the reason why - it's not exactly hidden.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes Anon, all of that.

Yes Barnsley, that's the one.

Medusa said...

Private ultra scan = $150 Had one same day I saw my doc last week, worth every cent, didn't fancy waiting 2-3 weeks on public health. We are lucky that at least we can make that choice, there's too many poor buggers out there who don't have the choice.
Get better soon Adolf

Anonymous said...

STOP WHIMPING its PATHETIC are you a man,
ps i was once told by a female doctor (YOU DONT KNOW WHAT PAIN IS TILL YOU HAVE HAD A BABY)
my doctor now is a man, stuff women doctors :O))) they are very nice the few that i have used

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, how nice that must be for your doctor. Had a sex change did it? Maybe one day it might learn to use capitals and show you how.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, a riposte to the lady doctor who told you that could be to question her if she has ever been kicked in the balls.

I guess there is no way of experiencing the two pains, but women volunteer for it again, whereas I have yet to encounter a fellow male who puts himself forward for a repeat boot in the gnads.