Monday, March 22, 2010


Dr Shaples thinks this is what our country needs

Democracy only through race based politics,
Adopting some duck brained UN declaration,
Making one (Maori) vote worth more than others
and having an apartheid team at a RWC

Here's an idea.
Lets do away with the Race Relations Day.

What useful purpose does it serve other than give a platform to moan and bitch about the world.

And while we are at it, let NZ use the upcoming debate on MMP to question why we even need Maori seats.
Because it seems to me that through them, a Maori vote is already worth more than anyone elses.
They have the Teaty of Waitangi, is that not enough?


KG said...

"They have the Teaty of Waitangi, is that not enough?"
Nothing will ever be enough for these racist leeches.

WAKE UP said...

The Race Relations Office and its bizarre Commissioner actually CAUSE problems, and should go.

Murray said...

You crazy white mofo.

baxter said...

yep I agree.

Anonymous said...

The Maori Party's agenda ought never surprise. They stand for racism and separation.