Monday, March 29, 2010

Pissed Again?

The Shiraz Mayor just can't get anything right.

Remember his outburst a couple of weeks ago? Our bepiddled hero had found a windfall billion dollars worth of GST and license fees in the leaky homes saga.

Bad luck Andy. Treasury doesn't agree with you.

Cuvee Juveniles

You'd better hot foot it back down to GPK for a bit more of that Barossa valley Torbreck shiraz at eighty bucks a throw


KG said...

Damn fine wine that, Adolf. :)

Kevin said...

As a non- Aklder, can someone tell me Andrew Williams prior work history? He seems so unsuited but is Mayor anyway. How come?

Anonymous said...

Since what year in the past millennium have Treasury been right about anything to do with money, budgets, or anything else?
Treasury have a distinguished record of being wrong.
Unfortunately, like the weatherman no one actually monitors their predictions against actual, a bit like most of the bank economists. Have their own biases which preclude them ever being accurate.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Wrong post.