Monday, March 22, 2010

Pigs Really Do Fly.......

......... over at Red Alert.

As Suicidal Labour Selects Seppuloony, skin and hair flies. It's worth dropping in for a look just for a bit of humour. Illiterate bovver boy Mallard goes feral over Chris Trotter's measured, accurate and thorough evisceration of Labour's woeful selection. In so doing Mallard cops a subtle shellacking from Trotter and reveals his Wainuiomartian grasp of the English language. The poor bugger can never hope to best Trotter in a verbal stoush which requires more acumen and intelligence than scuffling fisticuffs in the parliamentary lobbies.

    1. Trevor Mallard says:

    Chris we don’t know who it is.

    On the other point you drunk with dogs and caught some of their fleas.

    It was a nasty little post and I hope you feel a bit of shame soon.

  1. The day I need lessons in shame from you, Trevor old son, I’ll let you know.

Adolf's polite response was removed by the commie sensors.

Adolf Fiinkensein says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

An education spokesman who doesn’t know the difference between drank and drunk?

While all this is going on Phlailing Phailing Phil has a bleat on TVNZ about Gerry D10 Brownlee digging up jewels from the jewel of the conservation estate. Adolf is larfffing his arrrse off at the mischievous naming of Coromandel and Great Barrier Island as potential mine sites. How incendiary! Why on earth have they not included Waiheke Island? A couple of pit mines soaked in cyanide next door would do the world for Chris Carter's land values.

This is certainly much better sport than anything at the Basin during the last few days.


Psycho Milt said...

I suspect the great majority aren't as enthusiastic about bulldozing the conservation estate as you are, Adolf. Most people don't seem to find it particularly funny at all - including some of Brownlee's buddies. There'll be plenty of votes to be had from it among the "feral inbreds" on the Coast, but not much beyond that.

JC said...

"There'll be plenty of votes to be had from it among the "feral inbreds" on the Coast, but not much beyond that."

No question where the protests will come from:

There's a good example of NZs Gross Domestic Product.. an army of Jethros.


WAKE UP said...

Chris Trotter's still alive ?