Monday, March 22, 2010


That Air NZ saw fit to apologise to the Tongan Community for a comment in their Crew Manual warning of the propensity on Tongans on the NukuAlofa-Auckland run to 'drink the plane dry' is a sad commentary on the mess we have gotten ourselves into by refusing to face facts.

Many of us who have done that trip would testify as to the accuracy of the observation.

Equally, many of us who have done the Apia-Auckland trip would know that many Samoans ask for blankets. Big deal.

And HongKong Chinese are fussy. Ok with that too.

Just what is wrong with alerting Cabin Staff to the issues they are likely to face?

One observation that apparently does not appear in the Manual is that Cabin Crew hate the Auckland-Perth flight given the propensity of EVERYONE on board to drink the plane dry.


Sally said...

The last sentence does not make sense. What do you mean by EVERYONE?

WAKE UP said...

The real point is that it is an in-house manual and should not have been released. Who did that, and why?

Falafulu Fisi said...

Air NZ should not have apologised, because what they printed on the manual was true.

The whinging from Carmel Sepuloni and Tongan community leader Mr. Maka were unnecessary PC hysteria.

Air NZ didn't want to apologise but I suspect that the Herald reporter engineered this whole saga by perhaps telling Air NZ to apologise, since he/she already made contact with leaders of the Tongan community to comment about the Air NZ flight crew manual which warned about Tongans drinking problems on the plane. I don't believe that Air NZ was going to apologise for something that the public didn't know about.

The Veteran said...

Ok Sally ... except perhaps the crew (I hope).

That sector had the reoputation among Air NZ Cabin Crew as the flight to hell

mattyroo said...

It's more so the Perth to Auckland sector. All us oil + gas and mining types coming home after a swing, where we haven't been able to get a drop for a few weeks....

I've certainly been known to indulge myself on this sector. Already half liquored up from the connecting flight to Perth, I'm well in the mood for more once onboard the AirNZ flight.

I also think the time (1750) it leaves Perth probably has a great deal to do with it.

WAKE UP said...

The first time I flew into/out of Samoa it took me a moment to figure out why the hosties were walking up and down the aisle handing seatbelt extensions - at which point I started praying my luggage wouldn'tr be offloaded (happend to a friend of mine). It really is time that the total weight of passenger-plus-luggage is designated.

The Realist said...

A Tongan doctor wrote into the Herald and confirmed it was true that Tongans would drink you dry - it is their idea of complementing the host. Nothing wrong with that (unless you're the pilot)