Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our not so brave new world

So the Crafar farms and a milk powder plant are likely to go to the Chinese.
What does this tell me.

1. We are failing as a people when we have lost the ability to even control our own means of production.

2. We have poured our money instead into speculative investments run by people with big hats and no cattle, because we thought we could get a lazy profit.

3. Have we lost the ability to work with our brains as well as our hands.

4. Our mineral wealth will probably be stripped out by overseas interests as well because we will be too stupid to even set up and invest in our own mining companies.

5. All the while we argue about who pays for our welfare state and who will spot us the next $250m.

6. I wonder where this will all end up?

One day "To go surfing" may take on a different meaning here.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

For some intelligent commentary go and have a look at Homepaddock

mawm said...

Our over-generous Welfare system and Treaty settlements have stripped this country of any opportunity to become a winning nation. We are going to be wallowing in self-pity and attitude that the the world owes us a living, while industrious Asians white-ant away our land and resources.

Lou Taylor said...

Yes I read Ele's post Adolf but as Mawm points out we are being chipped away at, one asset at a time.
We seem to lack the nouse to invest wisely in our own country.

Dairy production would have to be one of the safest long term bets on the planet but our first option is always "sell".
I would bet my house on the fact that you will never see a headline saying "NZ Farming company buys Crafar Farms off Chinese"

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

mawn, don't be such a silly bitch.

They can't take the land with them and they can't screw it up any more than a Kiwi farmer. It is highly unlikely there will be hordes of little yellow hunchbacks rushing into NZ to milk cows every day.

What you should be worrying about is this deal involves a billion or so worth of processing facilities. That spell real danger but the media have ignored it because they think the word 'Crafar' will sell more papers.

Lou Taylor said...

Of course they can't take the land away Adolf but we are being outsmarted by the Chinese.
We are pissing the hard earned wealth of this country up against the wall.

Lou Taylor said...

And if you think that the Chinese give a shit about anything but long term control and profit then go and have a look at their investments in Africa.

Lou Taylor said...

And read the book 1421 by Gavin Menzies.

WAKE UP said...

Where China is concerned, there's only one thing to say: If you dance with the Devil, youi get your arse burnt - as Fonterra found out.
It's really a race between how much China can screw us stupid before China itself implodes big-time from its own inner contradictions: communism vs. information flow, one-child/no girls population imbalance, pollution, corruption, mass poverty.
Wouldn't want to be involved with China when that one happens.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes Wake Up

It's all about charactor and attitude.

They have an extremely poor record.

Anonymous said...

If the Chinese can operate farms at an appreciable profit then what's the problem.

Welcome their arrival!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's not the farms I worry about, it's the short changed, sub standard product they manufacture on the cheap and then send overseas into our markets, branded as "Clean Green NZ Milk Powder:

Ah So!

Anonymous said...

I'm not against foreign investment caldwaller, just our stupidity.

This century will see an upheaval of the way the world works. And western first world countries are setting themselves up to loose.

Our sense of entitlement with no work, backed by government policies to activily encourage it, will be our undoing.
Our welfare state model is unsustainable in the face of competition from people who have the background of either work or starve.
So yes the Chinese farmers will come but be prepared to reap the real rewards and don't cry over spilt milk when things don't quite turn out as we would like.

Anonymous said...


I agree. The welfare state will soon be viewed as a 20th Century anachronism. The demolition of it will be a staged process but I can only hope the initial actions of the present government will be the start of this and not solely a cosmetic tinker.

NZ ought destroy this "clean green" mantra immediately. I suggest that adventure tourism is a greater incentive for visitors than sitting around gawking at ostensibly unblemished countryside.

If Chinese interests make a "NZ " sourced product it will serve to distinguish the differences between the lower grade product and the prime NZ product. This can only be advantageous.


KG said...

The lefty notices..even more surprising!

WAKE UP said...
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WAKE UP said...

"If Chinese interests make a "NZ " sourced product it will serve to distinguish the differences between the lower grade product and the prime NZ product. This can only be advantageous."

Not so sure about that, CADWALLADER. China is a mass delusion, producing crap goods through virtual slave labour and dubious morality. And the more venal among Westerners think this is a Good Thing, when it's actually amoral. Better to have nothing to do with China. Watch that space - it can't last.

Peter said...

Already a good portion of the economy is in foreign ownership and has been for some time. If we're comfortable with that then it's no good hand-wringing and forecasting gloom and doom as soon as some Chinese get their chequebooks out. All it will do is bring out people's ugly side, just watch.

Regarding "clean and green", well I like the bush but Cadwaller has a point. You want to live somewhere that's "100% pure", go live in Antarctica.

Lou Taylor said...

The relevant point Peter is that a Chinese cheque is a one sided. The day I see it reported that Fonterra has been allowed to buy dairy farms outright in China, is the day I will be happy to see the Chinese buy farms here.

I welcome foreign investment on a level playing field. Not on a slippery slope covered with cow shit.

Catus Kate has a very interesting post on this deal.