Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh! Well That's Alright Then

So long as it's in the dark, that is.

The wriggling and spinning from the daft supporters of the Shiraz Mayor are as entertaining as they are pathetic. Take this delightful bit of nuancing from this morning's Herald:-

Another councillor, Jan O'Connor, said she had confidence in Mr Williams, saying the allegations that appeared in the Sunday Star Times were "about as low as you get".

She did not condone men who urinated outside bars in Takapuna, but said Mr Williams would have been in the dark at the council.

"If he was up there and he watered a tree, he watered a tree."

The dear lady does not seem to realise how close she is to the truth. Mr Willliams is in the dark at the council most of the time it seems. He's perpetually pissed if comments from respected politicians like Labour's Anne Hartley are anything to go by.

One of the signatories, Ms Hartley, a former Labour MP, said Mr Williams' behaviour last Thursday summed up the past two-and-a-half years.

"We have had to put up with a lot of very questionable behaviour from the mayor," she said.

"He is quite a bullying person and gets away with it because he has his 'A' team who support him 90 per cent of the time."

The Shiraz Mayor has made a strategic blunder. He has denied the incident even took place. The drinking and driving, that is. He would not comment on dropping his dacks outside the council office. (Good God, only girls drop their dacks to wee!)

First the denial, then the crucifixion over Easter as video of the mayoral stumblebum piddling his way back to his car hits the airwaves just in time for Good Friday.

Mr Williams, who was at GPK bar and restaurant on Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, with friends on Thursday night, said he consumed a "very minimal" quantity of red wine with food from about 6pm to 9.30pm.

"I went to GPK at the conclusion of council business. This is my private time. These are friends who just want to meet up, have a bit of a yarn and catch up on things. They don't have to get involved with the mayor's business. They were acquaintances who invited me, end of story."


The conversations which were loud and overheard by many, apparently had much to do with council business and how the Shiraz Mayor 'enjoys his role.' Adolf understands the bar tab came to a pretty penny that evening. It must have been a very minimal quantity of Chateau Mouton Rothschild.


Charmaine said...

I am not surprised by the spinning around this incident but do have to question the values of the spinners. Are they actually saying it is ok for any male to flop out the old fella when ever the urge takes them and wee where they like???

I al;so ask those defending Mr Williams to ask themsevles this question...would it be ok if John Banks did the same thing....I thought not.

pdm said...

Friends suddenly become acquaintences - what is that all about?