Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Blog

Adolf has been accused by more than one or two from the uber-right of being in the pay of John Key's PR people. The fact that Adolf vehemently opposes My Key's policies on Fiji and the ETS not withstanding, Adolf reckons John Key is the best thing that has happened to NZ in at least twenty years.

Anyway, I was pondering the notion of starting a new blog, the sole purpose of which might be to elevate in the public consciousness the innumerable virtues of this virtuoso politician.

I'm thinking of calling it

Wait for it

Be patient



Update from Farrar's Troll Farm: "You're onto it, Richard. Now I know why Coromandel and Barrier were specifically mentioned. Two of our greatest Meccas for the unemployed. It's a brilliant jobs creation scheme funded by the mining industry at the behest of the Gummint.

The brilliance of John Key knows no bounds.

hattip: Keywiblog"


KG said...

"Adolf reckons John Key is the best thing that has happened to NZ in at least twenty years."

Which is merely a demonstration of the dismal state of NZ politics during that time Adolf. ;)

Medusa said...

LMAO priceless. Am looking foreward to philu getting off his lazy drugged arse and learning what it's like to work. No wonder his missus pissed off, what woman could live with such a loser?


That is a brilliant suggestion Adolf.
When I say good things about Key, I like to get that picture of him cuddling the kitten.

Dave Mann said...


Good name Adolf!!!


Grant said...

There's a rail system that could be renamed too

KG said...

Pity there's not a picture of him giving the finger to 80+% of the Kiwis who voted in the referendum, Fairfacts.
I'd use that.

pdm said...

You didn't go back far enough Adolf. He is potentially the best PM since Sir Keith Holyoake.

To remove the `potentially' he just has to move things along a bit faster by selling Cullen Rail, plus a few other state liabilities and abolish the Maori Seats etc.