Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nauseating Baloney

The Herald seems intent on publishing as many pieces as it can muster whose aim is to misrepresent the Gummint's discussion paper on mining in the conservation estate.

Notwithstanding that Labour has been doing nothing less for years, suddenly our world is going to crash around our ears when National moves to continue this most sensible policy. Or so you would think if you believed the vacuous Ms Malcolm.

It is a bitter irony to me that the very image of NZ which entices the rest of the world to our doorstep - tracts of untouched country and its unique eco systems, miles away from big Global industry and development - is about to be gutted "surgically", leaving only the odd "thumbprint".

I do not pretend to be a mining expert. I also do not wish to present an hysterical response.

That says it all really.

Another silly bitch with no brains.

Stick to acting girly, where unreality, fiction and make believe are the order of the day.


Gooner said...

Better still Robyn, follow your idol Jeanette Fitzsimons and invest in NZ Windfarms.

Lou Taylor said...

I was wondering how long it would take for the media to drag up some celebrity, if you can stretch that word to cover this woman's status.

Anonymous said...

She's a celebrity, so of course we should hang on her every word.

You have to blame the media for perpetuating this sort of crap.

barry said...

I wish theyd make up their minds. Only but months ago this lot was saying that due to the problems of carbon emissions , that tourism would be dead in 10 years - SO WHO IS GOING TO COME AND LOOK AT THESE SUPPOSED GREAT PLACES.?

(if one trips around the world a bit youll realise that NZ isnt unique at all - its just that some people think it is.)

Anonymous said...

"Another silly bitch with no brains.

Stick to acting girly, where unreality, fiction and make believe are the order of the day."

Yes. She should leave any comment on mining to the insurance salesmen. They're the experts.

Judge Holden

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You betcha life we are judge. We know better than anyone else how to balance cost, benefit and risk.

So fuck off and troll somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

She'll be running for a seat on a District Health Board soon. Because she cares...
The sad thing is, she'd probably get in.

Anonymous said...

I am enmeshed in the tourism industry. I love my country and am honoured to be able to present a small portion of it to foreign visitors. However, I can not believe the amount of dishonest hype that is leveled against mining. The Department of Conservation inherited, by default, vast tracts of NZ when the other govt departments were broken up. Unclaimed Crown Land, Forestry tracts etc all came under DoC control. Most of this acreage had marginal conservation value. The Herald and the likes of Malcom are portraying the current proposal as the destruction of National Parks. The parks were set up around unique features and were regarded as sacrosanct. I said 'were'. DoC has expanded far beyond it's core business and is now regarded with a much diminished respect as an expensive ideological, interfering pest. Their intrusion into farming, fishing, mining and most forms of commercial endeavor has expanded. Their budget is sucked dry by costly legal manouverings that have less to do with maintaining the parks and more to do with expanding the empire. Talk with field service staff-- the poor bastards are staff and money strapped; head office however has other campaigns to occupy their minds. Mining on marginal lands that should never have been part of the conservation estate is a commendable step.

What we are seeing here is a power struggle between a department that had free reign during the Clark era, and a government that says those days are over.

The productive versus the parasitic.