Tuesday, March 30, 2010

John Machiavelli Banks

Some questions;

*Anybody else waiting with baited breath to see what the Clown of Campbells bay is going to slur into the microphones this afternoon?

*Is Banksie walking around happier than a dog with two dicks today after Tamihere took time out of the pub to raise his flag in the race for the supercity mayoralty?

Personally I do not think Len Brown has a hope in hell of winning next year.
Once Sue Bradford declares she is standing for council the billboards will be up telling us that she is one heartbeat from the Mayoralty. With Browns serious health issues who would want to vote for him knowing one more greasy burger in his gob could see Bradford elevated? Certainly not the Polynesian populus of Auckland who deserted Labour en masse after Bradford stopped them thrashing their kids.
As for JT, he will split the left vote nicely giving Banksie the big job with around 30% of the vote (with a 50% turnout) and enough to win.

We can then look forward to Bomber Bradbury spontaneously combusting in a frenzy of angsty blogging.

Everything is coming together quite nicely for NZ's number 1 royalist.

Happy days.


WAKE UP said...

Good analysis, Bill - unfortunately.
Is there no one out there who can rid us of ALL these second-hand, retread, tiresome, past-use-by-date candidates !?

Barnsley Bill said...

One positive is that we will probably now see some photos. And we will witness the meltdown in the Auckland left in all its hysterical glory.

Doug said...

Also we have another tosspot Lefty standing for Mayor Andy “Clown” Williams who will further break down the Lefts voting bloc.

Anonymous said...

Clown lefty Williams-CUNT - the sooner he takes a one-way jump of the bridge, the better for everyone, Len "trust me" Brown, John "Aint' got the guts to be a Harawira" Taimhere, ... all the lefty scum are history

Rodney's done a fair job of the super-shitty design,
or Helen would say - broken it - but he's undone Hellen's gerrymander and it will be Right all the way on the new council!

(I'd still have made it ratepayer franchise - someone should ask Rodders why non-ratepayers get to fuckin VOTE) - I mean Christchurch taxpayers will give far more money to Auckland than the entire population of South "Central" Auckland - and they don't get a vote

but Rodney has done a good job and Banks will be running the place!