Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fair and Balanced

The Broadcasting Standards Act requires radio and television news reports to be fair and balanced.

Adolf reckons that means of all reporting on matter remotely political, Labour should get no more than 30% air time with NACTionalMP entitled to at least 56%.

Now THAT would make some sphincters quiver at TVNZ and Radio Left Wing.

A couple of days ago, Pita Sharples walked all over the dosey old commie Geoff Thingummy on Morning Report. Radio Left Wing had been busy trying to create news by way of OIA requests about his e-mails. Dr Sharples pointed out that he had sought more information on the particular subject of his e-mail and, as a result, had changed his mind. The concerns he had were now satisfied. In fact, he told the silly old shit that the report made him sound like 'a secret agent within the gummint' which was simply nonsense.

A great example of the actions of a rational man rather than an ideologue.

Well the lefties at Radio NZ didn't think so. They led the news with the story all day but it was headlined - Sharples CONCEDES he has changed his mind.


Anonymous said...

If the NZ media supported democracy Labour and the Greens would never appear!

Anonymous said...

I've always believed that media bias is worth at least 10-15% at the polls for labour, and at least 3-4% for the Greens.