Saturday, March 20, 2010

Disgraceful Conduct

Adolf can't be bothered wading through the cumbersome comments registration thingy at Whaleoil's blog where a recent post deliberately and provocatively identified a blogger who, like most of us, uses a pseudonym.

I'm not going to grace that post with a link but suffice it so say Whale, this is where you lose me. You have crossed the line where one can agree to disagree. How am I to know that one day, should the mood take you, my own identity might not appear in the midst of unfounded innuendo, slander and other crap?

I'm very much aware of some of your victim's transgressions but NOTHING justifies your actions here. Perhaps you might consider a grovelling letter of apology, or are those reserved for MP's who have the resources to successfully threaten you with defamation?


Inventory2 said...

I have some sympathy for Adolf's view.

However, did not the blogger who has been outed also out another anonymous blogger some time ago?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes indeed but not intentionally. He was so thick he didn't realise that giving the fellow's name to a journalist was as good as.

Barnsley Bill said...

The feral drunk did it to me with a newspaper. Being a drunk retard might gain him a measure of symnpathy in some quarters but does not with me.
Poneke outed him over a year ago as well.

Barnsley Bill said...

Furthermore. He still laughingly calls himself a journalist!!!!!!!!!!
The exclamation marks are a little tribute to the twit.

Whaleoil said...

I hardly outed him, his unique style of random leteers arranged into something resembling a sentence betrays him every time!!!

His posts are all the same..."someone said that and I think this, indeed someone else suggested that, and here is some gay innuendo, whoar, and a reference to Marget Thatcher, then someone said something about Obmama and now I'm so confused i'll end with some !!!!"

He even does the same for money if you can believe that on ZDNet.

Nothing I have said is based on anything but fact.

Anonymous said...

He was a lefty - so what's the problem?

Psycho Milt said...

Do we have to bring this ugly and childish shit-smearing festival to our own blog? No good will come of it.

wee jimmy. said...

Bump! lets see if adolf will actually stick up for his 'bud'.

This shit is like battle of the inbred white trash, fantastic.

WAKE UP said...

Well, yes, Jimmy, but the point remains that in an increasingly restive, surveilled, culture-clashing PC-infected world, anonymity is the blogger's strenght.


Thank you for some injection of common sense Adolf.

As to the outing of Barnsley Bill, he did that on his own blog on at least two occasions.

Check his posts on August 26 and January 27.

The journalist told me he was a regular reader of the blogs and was thus already aware of BB's identity. He did not need me to supply an email address.

The incident with the fire engine that led to the alleged 'outing' happened in early September, just days after the August 26 further outing of himself by BB, so naturally it would be fresh in the journo's mind.

Anonymous, this is the first time I have been called a lefty, though I might be compared to some of the commenters that drop by here :)

Barnsley Bill said...

You are obviously an alcohol soaked sack of shit as well as many other things. You contacted them, they offered you the chance to write the story but as is typical for you by mid afternoon you were too drunk and instead gave Peter de Graaf my email address, name and phone number.
I have his fucking emails.
However being a drunk idiot is the least of your sins as you well know.

DenMT said...

All this exciting trading of insults would most likely be carried on in private email or over the phone I imagine, it does none of you any credit - agree 100% with Pyscho Milt.

FWIW I also agree with Adolf - as much as I detest both FFM's style and content, everyone has a right to privacy. I discovered FFM's true identity almost by accident, and corresponded with him privately over a year ago about some of his more abhorrent hyperbole, but still don't imagine I have the right to reveal his identity and can't imagine what doing so would achieve in the first place.

Typical Whaleoil bullying.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

wee jimmy, you should learn to read.