Monday, March 22, 2010

Dig Baby, Dig

When Adolf wins Lotto he's going to send Gerry Brownlee one of these.

1,150 raw horse power. Enough to rip Keith Locke's arse off fifty times and still have plenty left for the dipsticks at Forest and Bird.

Watch for the avalanche of lies and emotive crap from the greens and their followers.


Anonymous said...

The way Phil Goof spoke on TV One news tonight you would have thought that they were going to mine the entire conservation region. It is quite obvious that the Socialists wish to keep NZ poor and going backwards at a great rate of knots. They have absolutely no vision for the future, long may they remain away from the halls of power.

Anonymous said...

Even the mighty Komatsu D575 will not be able to stop the tidal wave of emotive, inaccurate bullshit that going to come from the MSM and their Labour/Green allies.


Anonymous said...

IDF D9R. Withstands up to 500kg land mins.
Impervious to grenades and RPGs.