Saturday, March 27, 2010

Classic Comment

Over at Farrar's place as Phil Goff last Thursday makes the biggest blunder of his career since he held hands with Arafat:-

  1. Michaels (784) Says:

    Mr Goff……..

    Just like the old hooker on K Road after 30 years…..

    Everyone knows she’s there, but no one cares anymore.



Fail Gaffe is New Zealand's Joe Biden!

Inventory2 said...

Goff has ballsed-up big-time on this one. Not only has he disrespected the Mahuta whanau (which includes one of his MP's), it's now clear that he either didn't go to Lady Raiha's tangi himself, or misled the media about John Key.

Tainui will not take the insult quietly, one would expect. And Shane Jones will be chuckling to himself ...