Saturday, March 20, 2010

Arse quiver

I have always liked the term "arse quiver".

It's that sinking feeling that you experience when you realise that you have over committed, been caught out or stuffed up, finally sinks home.

It is usually accompanied by a stuttering "but, but..." as you cling to some desperate excuse.

So I well and truly look forward to a butfull of quivering amongst the previous government's MPs as 7000 pages of their spending records are made public.

Of course being New Zealand, nothing of real consequence will happen as "mistakes and errors of judgement" are unearthed, but at least we will get to witness some fine examples of ring puckering.


mawm said...

A spokesman for Labour leader Phil Goff said he "has made it clear that if there are any cases of inappropriate spending he expects it to be repaid".

We'll remember that!

Anonymous said...

Pity they are not the gummitt so they could back date the rules to save their ample backsides

Oh wait they have already have form in that regard

Blue Coast