Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Boring Rogue Poll

Phil Goff should take a bus to the bush more often. It does wonders for National.

Roy Morgan has recorded the best yet reaction to Labour's continued theft of taxpayer funds for party campaign purposes.

National up. Labour down. A huge swing of 3.0% and all during the last two weeks of February.

Adolf suggests Labour invests even more time and money in their dishonest Axe The Tax campaign. It reminds all New Zealanders why we threw the lying bastards out little more than a year ago.



Can John Boy please have a word with Master Dave on how to win elections by not frightening the horses.

Anonymous said...

I finally saw the axe the tax bus and on a one way street (to who knows where). What are these idiots thinking having that slogan but not actually wanting to axe the tax that they introduced and then raised. If this is what Andertons right hand man has influence over in Goffs office well Key could pretty much do what he likes with no dents in the polls ever.

Anonymous said...

The sooner we get some responsible government -

whack GST up to 20% or even 25%,
get corporate tax and FBT down to 0%

and put in a tax-free threshold at say $100,000

the better of NZ would be.

As for labour: it should be illegal to advocate for communism in a democracy