Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Tale of Two Failures

It's not often you see the same headline half a world away on the same day describing two respective local events.

Today features ABC News in the United States and TVNZ in (of course) New Zealand.

Could it be that they both have the same problem?

The company said, however, that lower prime-time ratings and advertising rates at the ABC Television Network offset results.

Too many people (like Adolf) turned off by their poor quality and slanted news presentation?

If people don't watch your evening news they generally don't watch much else at your place so it's damned hard to increase the price of your adverts as your ratings decline.

They join the ranks of the NYT in the race for the gurglar.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Fox News has ratings higher than the AGGREGATE of all the other cable news outfits in the US.

In the absence of a local Fox, I suspect discerning NZ seekers of news are turning instead to the internet. A quick flick through the Herald, Stuff, a few local blogs and then off to Real Clear Politics, Powerline, The Times, Telegraph and The Australian.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Adolf. (I often do!) If TVNZ disappeared in its entirety, I would not be affected. It is sad that TV3 needs juvenile garbage like "Home And Away" to drag in its news watching audience. Says it all I think.

The few times I've watched news on either 1 or 3 at 6pm it has occurred to me that what is presented is not news but a form of sensationalised gossip as can be found in women's magazines.