Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skeletons in closet

Surely this is a police own goal.
A major row has broken out between Air New Zealand and the police after claims of drink-driving staff and a drinking culture...

Internal police documents released to TV3 showed there were at least six incidents of drink-driving involving a total of four Air NZ staff between 2007 and last year.
Six incidents in two years.

What about the drink-driving culture of the police themselves?
Half of all police officers caught drink-driving in the past three years have beaten the charge, raising allegations of one law for police and another for the public.

Figures given to The Dominion Post under the Official Information Act show that just five out of 16 officers on drink-driving charges have been convicted since the beginning of 2006. The 16 include the three whose cases are still before the courts.

Sixteen from the beginning of 2006 until October 2009.

Pro rata, pretty much the same as Air New Zealand.

On these figures, the police have just as bad a "problem" as Air New Zealand supposedly does.


JC said...

"On these figures, the police have just as bad a "problem" as Air New Zealand supposedly does."

The police don't fly or maintain passenger jets.


Inventory2 said...

No JC, but they handle firearms, drive cars at high speed ...

From my experience, the "booze culture" is well ingrained in the NZ Police, and if what we have read in the past is true, it begins with the Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

JC what toss
I have spent many a Friday evening in the police clubs in NZ.

You want a drink drive culture (admittedly now about 25% of what it used to be) I'll show you the police.

I left a central north Island drinking session with the cops on friday and was told where the checkpoint was, and where to drive.

Give me a break. Air NZ has a world leading intervention policy for alcohol use.

The cops not so much.

JC said...

"No JC, but they handle firearms, drive cars at high speed ..."

True enough. But even a pissed cop can kill only so many people whereas a pissed pilot can kill several hundred.

Logically we can tolerate a level of booze culture in the cops, but virtually none in jobs to do with flying.

Regardless of the safety stats very few of us like the way we have to surrender our bodies to the airport and then the flight staff for what can be hours.. we have no control over the process, and even the thought that a hostess or a mechanic might be less than fully sober is most offputting.


Psycho Milt said...

...a pissed pilot can kill several hundred.

So maybe Air New Zealand should have some systems in place to minimise the risk of that happening? They have such systems. What would be worth commenting on is if they were dependent on checkpoint cops dobbing drunk pilots in.

It's also worth noting that pilots generally aren't the ones the cops have dobbed in.

John Q Public said...

So you're assuming everyone mentioned as being an Air NZ staffers flies the planes? Probably not, mate. 99% of Air NZ employees never even touch a plane, let alone fly them.

dad4justice said...

Haha the corrupt cops should look at the police team at the Harewood Cricket club on any Saturday night.