Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round 2

Andrei's linked to video of the latest Sea Shepherd/illegal whalers collision, and I'm posting on it here to avoid monopolising his comments thread.

I don't really have a view on who's at fault here. On the one hand, the Japanese ship has right of way and Bob Barker clearly doesn't give way. On the other hand, the BB maintains course and speed tailing the illegal whalers' factory ship and the YM3 ends up smacking into it, so a deliberate ramming isn't implausible.

On Andrei's thread, Ciaron is of the view that this is a duplicate situation to the sinking of the Ady Gil. It is to the extent that the ships involved in this video are in similar positions to the ones at the beginning of the SM2's video of the Ady Gil collision, but that's about it. In this latest situation, the RoW boat isn't idling and being approached at speed by the GW boat, and there's no sign the GW boat turned onto a collision course while bombarding the RoW boat with sonic disruptors and water cannon. Lots more room for dispute over this incident.

Update: KG has pulled the now-familiar trick of ridiculing me for my views on this subject from his blog, where I'm banned from commenting. I consider it as cowardly now as I did last time.

I sometimes wonder whether it's an inherent awareness of the weakness of their own position that leads some commenters to chest-thumping bombast about how you've been flayed or had your ass kicked or your head handed to you on a plate, when in fact all that's happened is you've disagreed with someone and explained why.

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Anonymous said...

Lots more room for dispute over this incident

Oh CRAP. One boat is flying the Jolly Roger. The other has a national enisgn.

The only mistake here is being made by the JSDP: not escorting the whaling fleet and not using torpedoes or exocets.