Thursday, February 18, 2010


Fabianski can f**k right off and back to Poland. Idiot. Two glaring errors cost us a 1-0 away win at Porto. Never forgetting his shocking display in the FA Cup semi last year against Chelski.

Bring back Pat Jennings.


Pi**ed off.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, another season of winning fuck all aye Gooner.

Anonymous said...

There's always the 2nd leg BB. I have eternal hope.


Inventory2 said...

It's not over 'til it's over big bruv. 1-nil at home, and we go through thanks to the away goal.

Chemist Peter said...

At least ManU know how to win away & ride their luck.
There is only 1 Wayne Rooney, worth 10 Fabregas's anyday.

Heine said...

2nd leg is 3 weeks away, we'll have a almost full strength squad and an away goal so we'll nail it.

We have a nice run to the end of the season too so I wouldn't get too upset just yet.

I'm not too sure Rooney is *that* good, but he's having a nice run of form which might continue to the WC,