Sunday, February 21, 2010

Predictions and other stuff

Phil Goff will slip back in the prefered Prime Minister ratings this month due to the sickening arse kissing the law breaking baby killer ex PM has been getting in the media over the last week. No hard questions like;
What the fuck are you doing having a holiday when your utterly shite UN dept is trying to cope with the biggest catastrophe it has ever faced?
How can you keep a straight face accepting an honorary doctorate in LAW when you had little regard for it when you were breaking it?

The headlines in both papers over the last day or so are proof that Cam Slaters crusade against name suppression is working. What other conclusion can you reach when they are both breathlesly trumpeting the name of the poor stupid soul who murdered a young girl in Kerikeri in 2008.
I am supporting his campaign but felt no need to name the young man in question because he has been held since arrest and posed no threat to anybody. But when doctors and prison managers and scum accused of murder and shite comedians are out and about in society hiding behind name suppression I am disgusted with our judicial system.
Rant over.


coge said...

Aunties interferance this week is a slap in the face to poor old Phil. "Here you are darling, some training wheels to get you some electoral traction" Just makes Labour look more & more like a has been one "man" band.

weka said...

The UN is usually incompetent or corrupt. The cosmopolitan progressives (followers of Gramsci all) believe that the rules apply to others.

Helen fits in perfectly. Can we ensure that she stays there?

Barnsley Bill said...

It is the shamelessness of the beast that stuns me. Giving it the heartfelt lamentation about the tragedy when she is troughing up large on a fully funded holiday.

Anonymous said...

posed no threat to anybody

Except the person he killed. Names, addresses, photos, and "middle new zealand" will do the rest.