Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothng Better To Do?

And it took two of these tossers to produce this huge story of immense national importance. One of them the political editor, no less.

Straight from the Mike Williams school of investigative reporting, they found a $70 bill for a couple of pretty ordinary bottles of wine and a lousy hundred and fifty buck staff lunch.

It's time they were packed off back to the police rounds to relearn their trade.


Colonel Masters said...

Sorry, but this is absolutely outrageous and along the lines of the Tuku Morgan underpants. These guys have got to realise it's not their own money to play with. I would like Heatley to be sacked.

Had this been a Labour minister, people here would have been apoplectic.

Inventory2 said...

This time I disagree with you Adolf.

John Key needs to give Heatley an absolute bollocking over this. Sure, in monetary terms, it's not much, but it is the message that is being sent. And it's a distraction which the government can do without.

And Heatley's excuse that he didn't know it was wrong is lame in the extreme. He's running the country FFS!

Anonymous said...

Had this been a Labour minister, people here would have been apoplectic.

You're obviously new around here.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are as bad as Red Alert Adolf.
Murray M

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Moderate your language Murray M, if you want to stay around here.

And don't give lip to your host.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Adolf, I've given up on Farrar now I'll give up on you. Shameless apologists for this Key led government, the pair of you. Now Cactus Kate, that is a real blog.
Murray M

Heine said...

Adolf, it isn't good form at all. I hope Key reads them all the riot act at the very least.

Any excuse for the left to hit the Government should be avoided, after all the voters are the ones who will remember these ill deeds and punish the Nats accordingly.