Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday moan

Every so often we get freak occurrences. This week’s ones are assaults on cops.

Then, after the freak occurrences, comes knee-jerk political responses. “We’re gonna do something about it”, they say.

Is it just me, or is it simply that weird shit happens occasionally and all we should do is shrug our shoulders and say “weird shit happens occasionally”.

Or do we get our politicians to pass laws to stop it from happening again? I mean, assault on police is illegal now. Should it be made more illegal than what it is now?


Kevin said...

Plus... not forgetting all the police pursuit fatalities over the weekend. Booze will have made them into F1 drivers...not. Most certainly a strange past week.

Anonymous said...

Arm the cops - Glock 18Cs.

Then the crims won't get a chance to think twice.

For pursuits: fuck it. While I'd suggest something wire-guided, a LMG should do the trick

Anonymous said...

How are these freak isolated incidents when we have for a number of years now had around 2000 Police assaulted annually in the course of their duties.

That is an horrific figure and would only represent those assaults they deem significant enough to waste time reporting.

It also signifies quite clearly the laws protecting Police need to be strengthened and Judges (who largely come from a defence background) need to start taking such assaults more seriously rather than treating them as part of a cops job.

Barnsley Bill said...

This govt is fast earning a reputation for being more knee jerk than the last one. Who can forget the stealth tax of dog chipping by Clark..
The tuakau assault was on an off-duty officer stepping in to a fight. Hardly a line of duty situation.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care. In my view the risk of assault comes with the job. The police are well paid get a ton of extra benefits and this is sufficient compensation. They don't need to be put on a pedestal and worshipped, they are human and do wrong just like anyone else.
Personally I avoid all contact with them just as I avoid criminal scum.

Anonymous said...

"The police are well paid get a ton of extra benefits and this is sufficient compensation"

Nice troll, the Police in this country are very poorly paid given the hours and risk, assaulted daily and made to work for free to compensate for staffing shortages. Unlike almost every other modern nation we do not pay our Police overtime, not a cent.

Anonymous said...

It also signifies quite clearly the laws protecting Police need to be strengthened

Nope. The laws against assulting the cops are absolutely fine. We do need to fix the laws- but not that one!

1. All cops should carry at least Glock 18s at all times.
The family members Glock 17s if necessary.

2. - and this is the big one
reasonable suspicion of criminal or aggressive intent must be an absolute defence for the cops using their Glocks.
. No inquiries. No paperwork. Especially no court cases about "innocent bystanders"

Give the cops the tools, and give them the laws to use them!

That's what will stop cop-bashings, not more judges and process

Psycho Milt said...

If only someone would start busting caps on fascists with wank-fantasies about cops toting Glocks, that would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

You can laugh. Milt, but you bet people would obey the police!