Friday, February 26, 2010

Missing Me Yet?

Sure looks like it.

Just when you think it can't get worse...........


coge said...

Good one AF. The picture was really slow to download which really added to it.

Inventory2 said...

If you dig a little deeper Adolf, you will find out that the woman in the picture was intimately involved in the decisionmaking process concerning XT.


I had that problem too, Coge.

However, Telecom has had many problems, many the fault of the old Labour government and CEO Paul Reynolds has inherited these troubles.
The Herald on Sunday gave a creditable analysis on Sunday.

And Ernie Newman of the Telecom Users Assopciation of NZ cannot think highly enough of CEO Paul Reynolds.

I have interviewed him myself and he is a decent and open leader.

IV2, that's what I have heard myself. Ghattung was to blame, but I haven't been able to find confirmation online.

WAKE UP said...

You're too kind FFM. It's not only Gattung's crap corporate cultural legacy that annoys, it's also her insufferable smugness and inability to cop to it - all abetted by her acolytes' desperate need to prop up the Mother Teresa Gattung myth.

WAKE UP said...

And heaven help us, a book is also on its way...

Falafulu Fisi said...

Fairfacts, the Herald wasn't a complete analysis to me. It stated the following:

While the problems with XT dominate the headlines, they mask a deeper malaise within the company. This month Telecom slid off the number one perch it had occupied on the NZSX since the company was floated in 1991. On February 2, Fletcher Building edged out Telecom, becoming New Zealand's biggest company.

The slide in the share price - down 80 per cent since its peak a decade ago - is humbling for a company that once dominated the market and served as a proxy for the entire New Zealand economy for many international investors.

The reporter never mentioned anything about how legislations (by former government) had affected telecom's share prices since they force (coerce) telecom to unbundle. The reporter stated a fact, but not dig to see what caused it. That failure on the reporter's part in her article is not something that I call good analysis.

I see the same people whinge about a private company (telecom) from both right and left. The question to ask is, why doesn't the government just nationalize the bloody company? Will it satisfy all the whingers? I think so, but we will be dragged back 10 behind in telecommunication technology if the government owns telecom.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

IV2, closely involved, perhaps. Even inextricably involved but I hope, for her sake, not 'intimately' involved.

And it is a bit of a stretch to suggest the 'decisions' of her time were flawed when the problems clearly are to do with later implementation.

Anyway, she's better looking than the ugly bugger currently at the helm.


Wake up, from what I have heard, morale at Telecom is better now she has gone. Reynolds also has a much better relationship with the media. His openness and frankness is very popular.

As for who did what with XT, that is certainly a matter for further inquiry but it is my understanding too that Ghattung had a major role in that.
Perhaps I should check with the journos who have covered the story for longer than I.

And yes, how Labour intervened in the Helengrad era has done much to damage Telecom.

We also need to consider more about what might happen if the politicians had more say with telcos.

I doubt they would do any better.

Imaging how we would have fared if Telecom was a monopoly state owned telco and XT our only network.

We should all thank Roger Douglas and the Fouth Labour government for selling off Telecom in the 1980s and opening up the market to competition.

Anonymous said...

We thank labour for NOTHING.

As for telecom, the CDMA network was a f**kup and this one is too.

Telecom is in a tech business
but they've forgotten about technology
and used to be run by marketing.

Noone should be surprised by the end result

Anonymous said...

As someone who spent many fustrating years trying to work with Telecom- can I sya the following:
- Telecom is not a marketing company- when we came to negotiate with Telecom, we faced up to 1 sales executive & four lawyers.
- Ghatting cultivated a culture of suspicion & heavy handedness- hence lawyers everywhere.
- From the insiders still talk too, little has changed because middle management will not let it- the axe needs to be welded on these resistors/inhibitors

Barnsley Bill said...

These problems began pre Gattung. When telecom needed to replace AMPS they should have gone GSM. That is the beginning, middle and end of the issue. They did not because Bell South did. It was a point of difference situation and has been the genesis of all their problems since. Anybody who thinks Vodafone are any more competent clearly does not read.
Voda has it's 2g network with a 3g overlay. When 3g goes down our dual mode phones automatically default back to 2g. Any 021 customers noticed text messages coming through hours or even days late? This is 3g shitting itself. Over and over again.
fairfacts, yet again your poorly spelled efforts at cut and paste show you up to be of even less value than a media repeater.
I worked in the mobile industry through every tech upgrade from amps to D-amps to tdma and cdma. They have all been shite. Telecom will fix this but they are going to have to duplicate so many layers of redundancy that the network will be a massive drain on cap ex for two or three years.
In the meantime most of us will continue using our crappy voda service because it is slightly less crappy than the telecom version.
All those that are suggesting 2 degrees might be the winners in this simply do not understand the 2 degrees current business model.
A situation that I believe the idiots running 2 degrees are also suffering with.

They are little more than a reseller of vodafone with a handful of cell sites to call their own.
They lose money on every single customer, the more customers they have the more money they will lose.
Forward funding your growth might work in some cases but when you are building a base of loss making pre paid customers what happens when you need to start charging enough to turn a profit?

WAKE UP said...

A sidebar:
My needs are simple, probably simpler than most. I just need a mobile for txting; I don't take/make mobile calls; I leave it on siuent. My motto is "when I'm out, there's a reason I'm out". If you want to talk, call me at home, and if I'm not there, my answerphone works and my replying habits are systematic.

So when I neede to replace my ageing mobile recently, I resisted serious pressure (and the crap mobiles) to switch from my $10-for-500-txts on good ol' 0275, to the highly-touted bright shiny new XT.

Lucky me, eh? Well, yes and no: I know little about technology, but I do know about corporate culture and bullshit, enough to smell rats when they are present.
(And yes, I know 0275 will be phased out eventually - but it's a nice breathing space right now, innit :)