Thursday, February 18, 2010

Helen Clark's haiti heartbreak.

But not quite heartbroken enough to cancel her holiday and gong collection.
Putting aside the fact that this woman tried to destroy democracy in this country, oversaw the end of Kiwi's being able to get help from the Privy Council and arguably broke quite a few laws in her shameless quest to hang onto power, this emperor troughpig is getting a nice gong and sash from Auckland university.... In..... Wait for it..... LAW. FFS.

The other gong is pretty much worthless to most of us as she will be alongside such luminaries as the fattest gay man to ever be an MP. A man who ate and drank and taxi'd his way around the globe for over 30 years on the taxpayers dime.

But.... Don't talk up all the suffering in Haiti when arguably as the head of the UNDP you might be feeling a bit embarassed at skiving off on a south pacific jolly when the agency you head is trying to help sort out the largest catastrophe in the UNDP's shamefull history.


KG said...

Too bloody right!

Johnboy said...

I love how the Hag went for the "Sonia" medal. Puke making.
Sonia was the useless bitch who got the sinecure of Hutt South after Fraser Coleman who was a bit of a worker (even if he was a Labour trusty) and followed by Trev the Turd. Not sure who got the best job for the boys (or girls) deal there.

If I had been the train controller when Sonia was tied to the track I would have doubled the rolling stock and disconnected the brakes.

showmethetaxcut said...

I am a lawyer - albeit one that cannot stand this woman.

What the f^^k does she think she is doing accepting an honorary degree in law. Being a bloodsucking MP making shit laws at the taxpayer expense for 30 years does not cut it.

I will give the woman one thing - she has balls turning up for this gong.

Johnboy said...

Yeah the best you can say about her is that her old dad is better looking. Especially around the mouth area.