Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heatley fired?

What an amazing turn of events. A prime minister who shoots members of his own party. Contrast that with the beast and her sickening attempts to hide and lie about Taito Philip Field.


Inventory2 said...

The fact that Key comes from the cut-throat business world and not the protected cloisters of a life in politics may have something to do with it...

Barnsley Bill said...

And the fact that he is not a lying, scheming piece of shit who has spent an entire liftime leeching of the state.

PM of NZ said...

I do not think for one minute John Boy had the balls to do the deed.

I reckon cry-baby Heatley couldn't face the thought of another teary media interview so he took the easy route.

John Boy is rushing back to Wellytown to paper over the cracks.

sagenz said...

Bill. You will find that it was Heatley's decision alone. He could easily have ridden out an additional minor issue but chose to regain his integrity.

Key simply went along with one of his caucus who was intent on doing the right thing.

I hope you correct this post when the media confirm.

Barnsley Bill said...

Sagenz. I have added a question mark.

This exit (however it may have happened)is due to a culmination of incidents over housing and expenses. A last straw if you like.
But this is great news for us, it is a clear demonstration of integrity by those who govern us. We have not seen this decency in govt since the last century.
Mr Heatley may well be a thoroughly decent human being but he has demonstrated that his judgement is poor and is therefore not fit for purpose.
After raging about Winston Peters and Chris Carter and Taito Philip Field and Clarks shameless defense of these troughpigs it is a massive shift in standards that we should all be very pleased with.

KG said...

From the Herald online, a few minutes ago:
'John Key says he hasn't lost confidence in resigning Housing Minister Phil Heatley and wouldn't have asked him to quit had he not insisted on resigning.'

Anonymous said...

National 0 Labour 2

However you spin it, that's the score so far.

If key had had the balls to investigate Labour for their corruption and election rigging, well things would be really different. But he didn't - and Labour are picking off ministers one by one.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, you fool. Yesterday Annette King was defending both Heatley and Brownlee.

Do try to think before you shout.

Anonymous said...

surely Brownlee must also go. Same offence .... just a matter of scale

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, another idiot.

Heatley didn't need to resign.

You got one thing right though. Brownlee is on a much greater scale. About two and a half times I'd say, if I'm any judge of livestock with the covers on.

Inventory2 said...

In all the fallout over Heatley's resignation, Phil Goff seems to be escaping scrutiny for being the bif-ggest rtougher of the last quarter... not on Keeping Stock though!!

pdm said...

FFM - wasn't it over $800,000?

Anonymous said...

So Labour got two scalps so far.

National none.

National had the opportunity to run an anti-corruption inquiry against Labour: wimped out.

Rewrite the EFA so unions couldn't corrupt the process: wimped out

Rewrite the EFA so we have freedom of speech" wimped out.

two kills to Labour, zero to National

Sally said...

Great post from Cactus Kate.

"Today I ask him to go one further and resign as an MP."

Yes please Mr Wimpy your resignation now.

And Anon at 9.23am sums up this government rather well.