Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Down The Gurglar......

...goes Climate Change as three major US firms pull out of a strategic alliance with environmental groups championing climate change legislation.

Why? The bills proposed will be damaging to their businesses and to their nation.

It must be only a matter of time before New Zealand pulls back from implementation of its ETS.

Adolf's pick is that the gummint will wait until the last minute, allowing the head of steam to build further against the climate change conspiracy, before moving to repeal the obnoxious and damaging legislation. The trick is to do so in such a way that minimises a politically driven back lash against our exports to those countries where any old excuse is good enough for a phony trade barrier.

From the NZ Emmissions Unit Register:

31 May 2011
Deadline for meeting surrender
obligations either through the
surrender of units and/or paying
$25 for each unit that is required to
be surrendered.

The first money for carbon credits appear to be due on the table in May 2011 so it seems as though there is a bit of time up our sleeves.


TimM said...

Hmm, $25 per unit seems a bit steep when currently they're trading at $US 0.10 per mt.

Anonymous said...

You are dreaming. Nick Smith will bring down the Government before he allows the ETS to be delayed.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh how silly can you be?

Pray tell just how you think Nick Smith will singlehandedly 'bring down the government'?

Anonymous said...

Go mental. Rant and rave around the press gallery. Force a byelection. Cause so many problems there would have to be a general election. Nick's life work is the ETS and he won't allow it to be further delayed just because no other country is now doing an ETS.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, he can do all those things and nobody will take a blind bit of notice.

Anonymous said...

Adolf says: It must be only a matter of time before New Zealand pulls back from implementation of its ETS.

Are you joking? Wake up.

Nick Smith will refuse to admit his mistake and will defend the ETS. More taxes coming our way courtesy of Key and Smith.

Anonymous said...

But Adolf (anon 1 here), that is what he did threaten to do before Xmas to get the ETS confirmed rather than repealed before Copenhagen, and people did take a lot of notice ... the whole Cabinet fell into line behind Nick's vision.

KG said...

I'm prepared to bet a bottle of very good wine that the ETS will be implemented by the Nats.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It can still carry out its primary function ,the transfer of wealth, not to the third world in NZs case, but to our so-called indigenous population or rather their self appointed masters on their behalf.
Already occurring too, some power company the other day paying out for these people to do nothing with their
land to preserve a lake from some imaginary threat.

Anonymous said...

Like the BBC pension fund I wonder how much of "our" super "Cullen Fund" is invested in carbon credit schemes?

In answering that question I might understand why Nick Smith is so tenacious.

Anonymous said...

Considering what has been happening across the ditch lately,i doubt that Rudd/labor will get a ETScam passed let alone get back into Government..kind of puts the ball back into Nicks court ?..survival of the fittest so to speak,afterall who in is right mind gives the keys to the kingdom to a party/leader intent on taxing its citizens on the basis of a discredited hypothesis,especially if Joe Blog is already struggling.

Gooner said...

As I said to you on the phone Adolf, National signed Kyoto and Carbonhagen.

This says to me they won't repeal anything to do with the ETS.