Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Close shaves

There have been two instances in the last week where I have almost been collected by a motorist while cycling.

The first one I was cycling, alone, in the middle of the day, wearing a white top, straight along a road where cars were waiting to turn right from the opposite direction. The car immediately in front of me (remember this post where I said I can easily cruise along at 40 km/h with a small tailwind) was given way to, but the impatient asshole of a motorist waiting to turn right never saw me/looked for me/gave a shit about me and turned right in front of me. I had to swerve violently to the left, apply the brakes forcefully and got close enough to the car to feel the wind on my shorts. The driver just drove off laughing.

Idiot #2 was tonight at about 6pm in perfect daylight.

I was following the centreline around the bend, a car was waiting to turn left out of a Give Way sign and he just, well, never gave way. Fortunately I was close to the centreline so could swerve across it to the opposing side of the road, and fortunately again, there were no cars coming. Did he stop or offer an apology for nearly killing me? Not a chance.

So to the driver of white hatchback, registration DUN295, I hope you sleep well tonight knowing you almost killed me.

I apologise for not accepting that motorists, of which I am one too, have a mortgage over the road. I should be grateful they are letting me use it.


Anonymous said...

Bollocks! you don't pay any road tax, stop your whining,,,,,,

Psycho Milt said...

Why are there so many anonymous retards commenting at the moment? Maybe it's just one very busy one.

In my experience a signicant proportion of car drivers don't see any reason to give way to something that much smaller than them. We can all be fucking glad they don't get jobs as truck drivers.

Anonymous said...

Jervois Rd red light controlled pedestrian crossing outside a preschool and a primary school.
I'm pushing the buggy with my 1yo in it across when three cyclists go straight up the line of cars waiting and ride in front of me missing my child and the toddler who started to run by us by inches. When I protest they abuse me.
Yeah cyclists... Bunch of ignorant cunts who think red lights dont apply to them. I hope a bus hits them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I gave up cycling years ago because of a similar experience. Walking is safer.

Bugger me, now the bloody cyclists use the footpath on which I walk.

Dave Mann said...

I'm a cyclist too and I can empathise with you. There are shit drivers (and cyclists) on the road of of all types of vehicles, but it just happens that cyclists are the most vulnerable. A collision which would mean minnor scratches to 2 vehicles could well mean death to a cyclist.

I always ride with front and rear lights strobing flat out. I find this helps make me much more visible. I think drivers often don't realise quite what speed a cyclist is going and a really visible front strobe certainly (in my experience) gets their attention.

As you have the car's rego, I would strongly suggest that you make a formal complaint. The driver will get a notice in the post and that will at least show that it is serious.

Another attention grabber would be to carry a sawn-off shotgun on a special frame mounted on the handlebars.... but this might be misconstrued as going too far. Better to file a complaint I think.

Opinionated Mummy said...

Just a small clarification, if you were riding on a local road, as opposed to the highway, then part of the rates that you pay went into that road. So you actually have as much right as the motorist to be using that road.

WWallace said...

According to, it was a 1999 white Mazda Demio (DUN295) that you need to report. I would, if I were you.

WAKE UP said...

I'm convinced that cars and cycles simply don't belong on the same asphalt, just as pedestrians don't.

Anonymous said...

Either download the form or fill it in online by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

I especially use this form for all those drivers that are turning left and don't give way to me when I'm turning right. I don't care that some people think it's a silly rule, it's the rule and that's that.

Ciaron said...

I think the major problem is that motorists tend to only notice cyclists who, from their POV ride recklessly and consequently, consider all cyclists thus.

I'm sorry to say Gooner, but sometimes day-glow vests wouldn't help make cyclists visible, especially at intersections.

I like the idea of sending license applicants for a bike ride somewhere busy as part of their testing, but I guess that's a little impractical....

barry said...

One the way to work this am - driving along and theres a cyclist on the road - well to the left.
Ahead there is a car parked with two idiots (wogs - looked like indians, pakistan or similar) leaning into the DRIVERS window with their arses sticking out into the path of the cyclist.
As we got closers it becaome obvious that the cyclist was going to come onto the road in front of me WITH OUT looking. Out she came and only because I braked is she not in hospital with serious injuries.

What gets me is the belief among cyclists that, as they think they are in the right, that they wont get run over if they play short with the rules.

As they say among truck drivers - might is right!. Same with bikes - they will always come off second best if they attack cars - no matter who is in the right or the wrong. The car driver aint going to hospital!

Psycho Milt said...

As we got closers it becaome obvious that...

...there was an obstruction ahead that required you to slow down and be prepared to stop. Only because you actually did so are you not looking at dangerous driving causing injury charges. Your braking was not a generous response to someone else's error, it was a requirement incumbent on you by virtue of you driving a car on NZ roads.

kehua said...

How many close shaves does it take to realise that it is patently unsafe for you to ride a bike on roads not designed for vehicles and bicycles? Kind of why we don`t play on railway lies or play tennis on roads. If you die it really would have a degree of retard on your part.

WAKE UP said...

"How many close shaves does it take to realise that it is patently unsafe for you to ride a bike on roads not designed for vehicles and bicycles?"
Damn right Kehua - especially when half the roads are barely safe for cars, and half the rest are still orange-cone-the-hell-with-the-populace territory.

Ciaron said...

...there was an obstruction ahead that required you to slow down and be prepared to stop. Only because you actually did so are you not looking at dangerous driving causing injury charges

Can't argue with that, but isn't there also a responsibility for the cyclist wishing to change lanes (or other vehicle, for that matter) to make sure it is safe to do so, i.e. LOOK & SIGNAL? which taking Barry's word, didn't happen.

James said...

If Hitler had gassed cyclists instead of Jews would we feel much better of him....?

Joke Gonner....joke!