Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bold, decisive leadership

Good god, John Key has accepted the resignation of Phil Heatley and acted decisively, boldly and courageously.

Now I’m just waiting for the decisive, bold and courageous action on:
  • Flattening taxes
  • Introducing a Taxpayer Rights Act
  • Scrapping Working for Families
  • Selling Kiwibank, Air New Zealand and Kiwirail
  • Bringing back the Privy Council
  • Allowing Maori their day in Court for the Foreshore and Seabed
  • Scrapping interest free student loans
  • Re-introducing the original section 59
  • Scrapping the ETS


Anonymous said...

Gooner, I suggest you will have to wait till just before the first Easter break in the second term for most of your list.

Things like the ACC ammendments could not wait and you saw urgency in the House just yesterday, despite the wailing and moaning from the opposition.

Anyone who thinks that under National nothing is happening is just a blind fool.
I'm sure you are not blind.....

David Baigent

pdm said...

DB - there are a few things on Gooners list that don't need to wait. Scrapping the ETS is one, reinstating the Privy Council is another.

Gooner said...

I am not blind, nor a fool David. I saw ACC levies rise today, absolutely saw that.

I am yet to see the state owned monopoly opened up to competition though.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well actually, ACC already has been partially opened to competition.

In the area of self employed cover. A self employed person may elect to wind back his cover (and levies) to 20% (I think) of the maximum under Cover Plus Extra. He or she can then take out private income protection with a commercial insurer whereby in the event of a claim for accidental disability the insurer will top up the small ACC component to the insured level AND will pay in the event of disability caused by illness.

The younger the person the greater the saving in levies v premiums.

Anonymous said...

"Well actually, ACC already has been partially opened to competition."

That is more spin that David Farrar's at kiwiblog, almost an impossible feat.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous fuckwit.

Please deal with the substance.

Otherwise fuck off.

Anonymous said...


ACC levies WENT UP.

Which part of promising NO NEW TAXES don't you understand?

Heine said...

The softly softly approach along with all the extra spending going on under National makes me question exactly when all these "centre right" policies will ever happen.

Anonymous said...

And calling Rodneys bluff when he threatens the Government with a resignation