Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Disciple Martyred

Last week saw the public renunciation of the Warmenising faith by disciple Phil Jones with his remarkable admission that the angels didn't really roll the stone away from the grave. The stone actually was always where it was found by Mary.

Today another of the disciples threw in the towel.

His assertiveness sometimes led to accusations that he was overstepping the bounds of a neutral U.N. facilitator.

"They are absolutely right. I did that because I felt the process needed that extra push," he told the AP.

Poor Berend must cringe every time this head tilting cretin opens his mouth. (Why are greenies all head tilters?)

It remains for the loud mouth of the group Pachauri to be brought before the courts for his many verbal assaults on the ears of the sane and for the self anointed messiah Gore to be stripped of his criminally acquired wealth and prestige.

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JC said...

He should thank his lucky stars he didn't go the way of those old time crusading missionaries preaching to the natives... in the pot!