Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The wrong Clinton visits

So Shrilary is coming to see us. So fucking what.
I hardly expect the same level of excitement that we got when the last Clinton visit occured.
Bogota Bill is famous only for doing a Jackson Pollack on a fat interns blue frock and his wide mouthed wife is even more low rent. But I suppose the red carpet will be laid out and we will get on our knees and grovel for trade favours (that will never happen) IN MUCH THE SAME WAY CLARK AND GOFF DID
Meanwhile NZ will continue to put military personnel in harms way (JUST LIKE CLARKULA DID) in the vain hope that we might get to move a bit more primary produce into the USA.

However it will give "Just call me John" an epic photo op while his ministers continue to try and erode our freedoms and rights.


James Stephenson said...

The only right Clinton to have visit would be George...

The Veteran said...

BB .. "Meanwhile NZ will continue to put military personnel in harms way" ...... errrrrrrrrr

That BB is what the military does.

It goes and fights shitty wars on your behalf as mandated by government leaving people at home free to pontificate the rationale from on high.

We could of course choose to do nothing on the basis that we live in a benign strategic environment ... must be right, she said it.

And of course 9/11; London; Detroit etc etc etc was/is all a bad dream.

But if you want to parrot the Keith Locke line as the reason for our involvement in Afghanistan then that is your perogative however wrong you are.

WAKE UP said...

First Pamela Anderson, now Hilary Clinton... what have we done to deserve this ?