Thursday, January 14, 2010

Worst Northern Hemisphere winter in thirty years due to "global warming"

I've been meaning to provide a quickie on this and so here it is.

From Bomber, who explains how the worst winter in thirty years was due to global warming:
Erratic and extreme weather pattens are now our future and as we continue to do nothing to stop the planet from warming because of our pollution, it is a future we can not avoid.
Forgetting for a moment about C02 being a pollutant, it is timely to remind us what Global Warming has also been blamed for.

Here is the list.

Have a good laugh. I did.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I wonder how this pollutant came to be floating around at double today's atmospheric concentration some three hundred or so years before be found oil and coal?

The Veteran said...

Ridicule is a VERY effective weapon. Just how 'Brothels Struggling' can be attributed to Global Warming exercises the imagination.

Too 'hot' inside????????

Anonymous said...

AUSTRALIAN government climate experts have failed to detect an increase in the intensity of tropical cyclones after analysing 26 years of data since the early 1980s.

Climate scientists have warned that "Australia should expect to see more intense cyclones in the future fuelled by rising global temperatures caused by greenhouse gases.

But this latest research from seven Bureau of Meteorology scientists shows that so far there is no conclusive evidence to suggest this is already happening.",23739,26581533-3102,00.html