Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's Up With The Herald?

Not content with giving us crooks jumping over buildings yesterday, the good old fact checking boys at The Herald have shifted Waipuna Lodge from the shores of Panmure Basin to some place called Manukau. Well, actually it's that good old girl Claire Trevett in this case. What's wrong with these sheilas who call themselves reporters? Don't they actually read what they write? Or was it simply a repeated Labour press release?

"Labour's caucus has confirmed Phil Goff as party leader and Annette King as deputy.

Their leadership was confirmed at the party's first caucus meeting of the year - an all-day meeting at Waipuna Lodge in Manukau."

Do they mean Manukau City? Or maybe Manukau Heads? Or maybe there's some place called Manukau way out in the boo-eye down Taranaki way?

Any which way, John Banks will not be pleased to have a huge slice of his patch arbitrarily transferred to the mad rapper with a dodgy ticker.

Oh yeah. The barbecue's at Phil's place. Will they invite Ratana? Or the Exclusive Brethren? Or them pesky Presbyterians?


PM of NZ said...

Panmure, Manukau, Manukau City, whatever. Same place - in my view places east and south of a Penrose - Onehunga line are all South Auckland till you cross the Bombays.

And Manukau in the boo-eye as you so eloquently put it, is not in the 'Naki, but further down the coast south of Levin.

Inventory2 said...

Just in case anyone swallows the line about Goff and King being Labour's "fresh faces", we are helpfully reminding the populus that each is about to start his/her FOURTH DECADE in Paliament


Anonymous said...

No, Goff wont invite Ratana. They would want 4 sausages and Phil thinks they should earn them on merit.