Saturday, January 30, 2010

Punishing hard work

From Granny re the odious Welfare for Families:
Nearly 378,000 New Zealand households get a bit more money each week through Working for Families tax credits. But a system designed to help young families actually punishes them as extra income earned from hard work is taxed at rates as high as 90c in the dollar. For some families, the dole is a better option.
Enough said really.


CB said...

An then there is this couple of brain surgens:

Top quote
:"I reckon it should be the other way round. The ones with more money should pay more."

Got news for you Einstein - we do. And $450 a week of it is propping you up?

Lou Taylor said...

Exactly CB
How much more do they want.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that the first $50,000 of income be taxed at zero%. The GST rate dropped to 5% and we're ALL better off!

How's this to be paid for? Simple: Tell the government to fuck-off and let us run our own lives. The abolition of pointless government departments and the reduction in the numbers of victimless crimes will achieve this. The lowest paid in the work-place will be attracted to work as what they own will be theirs and theirs alone.


Cactus Kate said...



I also love how they are pulling down a sickness benefit yet running a business that requires very manual labour.

Geniuses like this are not "hard working" NZers, they are stupid NZers and more pity the fools who actually let them vote.

Gooner said...

Cactus, they're Goff's "ordinary New Zealanders".

gomango said...

Hey I'm an ordinary NZ'er and this year I am going to claim some WFF.

Having paid around 1.4mm in PAYE in the last 6 years I regard the $2100 I am entitled to in FY2010 as my birthright.

liberty said...

You are right a very small Government is the answer.

Anonymous said...

Who gives the smallest fuck about the low-paid.

PAYE should be capped - pay 30% of first 30k say then zero - that's a real taxfree threshold. . Noone should ever pay millions of paye ever.

Cactus Kate said...

Gooner - very very ordinary. Sadly they are the "many" and not the "few" paying for them.

P.S: couldn't a teenager make more than $150 a week off a lawnmowing run?

Just asking....

Johnboy said...

Take a close look at the photo. They are bloody Ginga's. Explains it all really.