Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pink lycra, bashing business and an observation

I read the Standard.
There I said it, and I don't care what anybody thinks about that startling revelation.

Anyway, I was browsing their latest frothing at the mouth, self loathing whitey onanistic drivel the other day and came across a post written by their latest attack mong who writes under the pen name of Zetetic.
Zetetics "style" is strikingly similar to the "Steve Pierson" character who went deep cover after he managed to find a convenient lifeboat at the parliamentary library when the SS Labour Govt went down. Not that the similarities or even the identity of the author is relevant to what this post was supposed to be about when I started the process of typing with the pencil attached to my forehead.
The post that got my attention was this one. Click through and have a read if you wish. Or just continue reading my opinion on the post.

Basically they are attacking one of NZ's larger chains of Gym, Club Physical. Claiming they are homophobes and encouraging their 12 commenters to attack them.
Now I have had a read through the links and basically it amounts to a sentence or two in the club physical newsletter from some suckhole who opines that eating tofu or soy or some such other poof food MIGHT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF DEVELOPING INTO A HOMOSEXUALIST.

I find the whole thing hilarious and the comments section of the posts kept me laughing for at least ten minutes.

Now for the observation part of the post.

1. For Zetetic to suggest that the owners/ managers of Club Physical are homophobes is ludicrous. Speaking as somebody who spent many years pretending to work out at these gyms in Auckland let me assure you that you will find more poofs at these gyms than at a young labour social. Yup, that many! Hardly a winning marketing ploy , alienate your client base.

2. The author claiming that eating tofu/ soy/ mong beans whatever might make you queer might actually have some basis in fact.
The last time somebody slipped me some Tofu I exclaimed quite loudly that I would rather eat cock than this shite and promptly spat it out.


gingercrush said...

The writers at The Standard clearly did not have a good New Year. They're even more grumpier and absurd than last year.

Barnsley Bill said...

They are just trying to be "ordinary" kiwis. Phnar

Psycho Milt said...

Good point. Anything made out of soy is crap as food, so you would genuinely be better off with cock. Tofu's more likely to turn you into a global-warming handwringer than a "homosexualist" though, I would have thought.

ZenTiger said...

I understand there is quite a debate on the fact that Soy has properties that reduce testosterone production and mimics estrogen.

Because soy is so cheap, it is used as filler in many foods. If there was a candidate for changing batters to fielders, then this is as good a culprit as any.

John Q Public said...

As you may know BB I belong to a Club Phys gym. I never even got this newsletter. Surely this should be included in my $18 a week; fuckers. I think the CP guy was just getting across that he thought it was gay eating soy products (which it is) not necessarily that it turns you gay (which it probably doesn't) as you'd need to be gay to start with to do so. It's also well known however that Les Mills is where all the poofs go anyway; CP is for fat bastards (like me) and ugly troll chicks,it seems looking around the room whenever i visit.