Friday, January 15, 2010


Dear Minister

You will be aware of the illegal occupation of privately owned freehold land at Taipa by relatives of Hone Harawiri and I was encouraged by the Prime Minister's unequivocal condemnation of the occupation at his Post-Cabinet News Conference earlier this week.

One has to wonder why the legal owner did not immediately move to have the protesters ejected from the site. The longer they are allowed to stay the more entrenched they will become.

That aside, I am particularly concerned that Professor Margaret Mutu has given her tacit endorsement to the occupation.

Professor Mutu is of course the Chief Negotiator for Ngati Kahu in their Treaty Claim which is in an advanced stage with the Crown due to sign an 'Agreement in Principal' at Ahipara tomorrow (Saturday).

Privately owned freehold land is sacrosanct and if the signatories to any agreement are not prepared to acknowledge and accept that then you (we) are left with nothing.

If Professor Mutu is not prepared to disassociate herself from the illegal occupation than you should call off the ceremony.

The Veteran


Gooner said...

Well said.

David said...

A talkback caller yesterday claimed that the owner is very ill and while what he has won't kill him, he will never be strong enough to make a fight out of this.

If that is the case and if that is the reason this bit of dirt was chosen for occupation, it would paint these two heroes and their mangy dogs as opportunistic, cowardly thugs who deserve to have their actions recognised in a very negative way insofar as the rest of the iwi are concerned. Consequences are what is needed.

The Realist said...

Are there no snipers up North?