Monday, January 25, 2010

Nicely Done, Shane.

Phil Goff seems to have issued spades to all his MPs in preparation for their visit to Ratana. Spades for digging bigger holes, that is.

Shane Jones showed them at Ratana Pa. By God, he showed them. He showed them all his inestimable leadership skills.
Labour was challenged to reciprocate the loyalty shown to it from Ratana for decades by accepting four Ratana candidates for winnable positions in Parliament - on the list.

To rub his nose in it, Labour leader Phil Goff had to endure a speech praising Prime Minister John Key for being "a brilliant speaker" and "a person who should be admired".

When told a few home truths by a Ratana minister about Labour's condescension and arrogance toward Maori of the past eighty years, what did he do? Offer a word or two of repentance? Smooth the troubled waters? Pledge a new commitment to do better in future?

No, our big shot from Up North cemented the relationship forever by telling his host to 'stick to ministering.' That about sums up my opinion of the great brown Labour knight, Shane Jones who came galloping in to save Labour a few years ago, riding on his trusty Hereford bull.

Remember how he was to be a future PM? Prime Mug, more likely.

Ratana minister Kereama Pene, who delivered the critical speech, was told by Labour MP Shane Jones he should stick to ministering.

Mr Pene told the Herald that Labour had missed the message. "This is quite serious," he said.

Mr Pene said "a real relationship is born out of truth, a real relationship is born out of respect for each other".

Clearly Labour is still in denial.


anonymous nutbar said...

He could do with a bloody good shave too.

Anonymous said...

So then - another 8 years of opposition for Labour?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, thats fantastic. They are such arrogant tossers. Still with that typical patronising socialist manner telling others what they should be doing.
Hes just alienated a whole new bunch and confirmed to the rest why they should forget Labour.
To me, the working relationship between National and Maori is one of the best things to happen in this country. Its long overdue and will lead to real change and progress on issues which should have been resolved years ago.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is...Maori just don't know what's good for them.

Stick to powhiri's and all will be well...isn't that right Shane?

Inventory2 said...

Shane Jones is the towering intellect of Labour's front bench - which doesn't say much for the others!

Anonymous said...

I refute that Key is a 'brilliant speaker' (he stangles his vowels) or 'somone to be admired'. So the guy made millions (at whose expense?) and got elected to PM. But he hasn't done much since, very little that stands out. I admire Phil Goff for his lovely speech and his genuine approach, myself.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that's 'he strangles his vowels'. While his speeches are well written (by whom?) he needs to work on the actual delivery. Helen was a clear, lucid speaker and so is Phil Goff.

Anonymous said...

if you want to have a love affair with the invisible man can you do it somewhere else anon.You're staining the pages.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Don't you mean Hulun? She certainly knew how to murder pronunciation and the English language.

CB said...

Anon (the Goofy lover one),
You are deluded. Phil shouts and sounds like a robot.

91% of NZers agree that Phil In is the not-preferred PM.

Go back to the Standard echo chamber buddy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, denial, denial. Phil wll win 2011, just on his oratory skills.

Hone Te Patu said...

Heh heh heh. Gee. Youse guys can be stupid sometime. Te Maori know which side the toast is buttered on - BOTH.

Maori for the electorate, Liabour for the party,
two maoir MPs for every vote

Maorimander ROCKS

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hone, you're not very bright, are you?

Party vote Labour gets you a honky, poofter, ginga, unionist.

Anonymous said...

Party vote National, get Labourlite.

CB said...

Obama won on his oratory skills.

Look where that has got the US!!!

WAKE UP said...

Let's get some stuff sorted:

* "Helen was a clear, lucid speaker and so is Phil Goff."

So was Hitler, so was Stalin, so is Castro - and so is just about every bloody lying con-man/woman on the planet.

* "the working relationship between National and Maori is one of the best things to happen in this country"

WHICH Maori? It's only stoopid Pakeha who think there's one "voice" representing Maori. Sheesh, even the WHOLE POINT OF THIS THREAD is the disagreement between Shane Jones (Maori) versus some other Maori/s.

* "Obama won on his oratory skills."

No he didn't; he won on reverse race prejudice and a colossal collective failure of nerve. Nations aren't conquered, they commit suicide. Fortunately, we are beginning to see a fight-back...and the more ol' silver-tongue-master-orator Obama speaks, the more the scales fall from peoples eyes. Praise be.

kehua said...

Nice post Wake Up, yeah the Ratana of today is a far cry from that of 50/40/30 years ago and your point about `which Maori` is taken. Seems like many non-Maori still think old Hori from Wainui-o-anywhere has the mandate of all Tangata Whenua when he dribbles from his mouth. Bit like the pompous fool Jones when you come to think of it. Imagine the chaos if the idiot Banks was reported in the press as speaking on behalf of all non-Maori New Zealanders.


As I have just posted at my place, one issue is how Liarbour took the Maori/Ratana vote for granted which did not serve Maori people well.
Now the Maori/Ratana vote is up fopr grabs, surely the more competitive nature of such a vote means National will deliver more.
Not only will this benefit Maori and the Ratana church, it will also benefit the country by exposing more Maori to the common sense solutions National and ACT have to offer.
That way, we might see Maori catch up to the rest of us, rather than be dependent on the state and welfare as happened under Liarbour.

Hone te Patu said...

Youse the thicko Adolf

Maoris never gunna vote for Nats in any number.
But splitting the vote gets two MPs for each seat cos MMP goes into overhang.

That's 14 MPs can youse say balance of paua 4 EVA

hey do youse like the new flag?
Tryin it out feb 6 but next election we get rid ofnthe IMF red whitey and blue eh?

Election after that youse livin in AOTEAROA
not whitey new zillium

balance of paua - maorimander 4 Eva

Anonymous said...

Wake up you fuck wit.
The relationship with the maoris who have the seats!
With Act on one side and maori on the other Key could do pretty much as he wants.
That suits me fine.
Especially the part where he can ignore the bitching and whining from the thicko Actoids

WAKE UP said...

Anonymous, the potential problem is not the relationship between National and the "Maori who have the seats" - the potential problem is between the "Maori who have the seats" and OTHER Maori. Please study some real history, not what our benighted education system wants you to (not) think.