Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Standards of Illiteracy.....

.... are revealed in the Herald on Sunday. Anna Rushworth, take note if you can read.

Three enterprising young Bros from Up North pinched a car in Paihia and drove to Auckland where they pulled into Peninsula Golf Club and carjacked a flash fast Holden (the Bros are discerning chaps) from the members' car park, using a knife/screw driver as encouragement for the car's owner to comply with their wishes.

So far so good, Miss Rushworth.

Later in the story we are regaled with details of the police pursuit and subsequent arrest of the miscreants who clearly have watched too many action movie videos. Then comes the most dramatic revelation of all. These young guys and gals have acquired the powers of Superman.

"The third was caught leaping across properties."

Well, fancy that, eh?