Friday, January 8, 2010

McCully Right This Time

In unusually forthright terms, Murray McCully has upset the marauding watermelons from the Southern Oceans.

"If people are determined to break the law and determined to kill other people on the high seas then it is not the responsibility of the New Zealand government or any other government to send armed vessels down there or something of that sort to stop them."

Watson says he finds the comment "totally offensive".

ONE News asked McCully to explain the comments but his press secretary says the foreign minister is not interested in discussing the topic any further."

There is a hint in the opening line these piratical pricks have the gall to expect that our gummint reimburse them for the loss of the boat they drove under the bow of a whale chaser.

Well done Mr McCully. That's as close as I have ever heard diplospeak get to 'Fuck off!"


Psycho Milt said...

McCully still no use whatsoever. In other news, shit still smells.

PM of NZ said...

Diplospeak I want to hear a lot more of.

pdm said...

If the NZ Navy went down there wouldn't it be to arrest the Pirates.

Keeping Stock said...

Full marks to McCully - the eco-terrorists deserve no sympathy whatsoever. The sinking of the Ady Gil was avoidable, but it was Sea Shepherd's choice to "hunt the whalers", and in this instance, the hunters ended up as prey. Shit happens.

Anonymous said...

So you pricks are into whale killing in Australian and NZ waters by the yellow nipponese
What a bunch of asian butt lickers.
This is the govt who have lost a rapist, and lost a prisoner,who got his hands on a angle grinder,for gods sake
McCully is so thick he probably forgets to do his zip up.

pdm said...

Easy Property Zealot at 6.08am - it is you isn't it still posting anonymously?

I see Chris `I will fly anywher if the taxpayer is paying' Carter is sounding off in the Herald. If he is so worried about the terrorists being killed he should tell them to come home and surrender themselves as pirates and terrorists.

Psycho Milt said...

I don't think the Japanese whalers would be likely to do that, pdm.

The Veteran said...

Anon 6.08 .... international waters perhaps.

mawm said...

I2 - I agree wholeheartedly with your comment.

Anonymous said...

You should never, ever expect Murray McCully to be anything other than a impotent fuckwit.

And "eco-terrorists"? That's just retarded.