Thursday, January 28, 2010

Labour's back!

According to Eddie, and s/he's excited at the prospect.

Here's how Labour did it. Words.

decent pay for a fair day’s work,

good public services,

a more equal society,

community responsibility,

and saving children from...underachievement.

Who knows what it all means. But hey, Labour is back through its tried and tested of puffery, platitudes, weasel words and slogans.


ZenTiger said...

Well, at least some-one missed them.

Anonymous said...

Eddie - what a stupid, stupid, stupid CUNT.

BoomTownPrat said...

Labours Back..........

Where the fuck where they and what where they doing for nine oh so long years

dad4justice said...

Liarbour is back - just like the dreadful jack.

Inventory2 said...

Well said Gooner

BTW - I've filched the link you posted on Kiwiblog and blogged about it myself, with a hat-tip to you. Goff really is a hypocrite

Anonymous said...

I am unsure whether Goff is sillier than he is conceited. Either way he and his ridiculous supporters are heading further from the Treasury benches by the minute.


WAKE UP said...

The best bit for me is Goff complaining about bureaucratic salaries outstripping even the Prime Minister's salary (nice of Goff to be so concerned about Key's income stream) - as if this hs just happened overnight, since Labour's nine loooong years. What a sad, lost man he is.

Anonymous said...

Go Labour. We love you! At least you listen to the electorate!

Lou Taylor said...

Go Labour. We love you! At least you listen to the electorate!

Listen is hardly the word I would use.
Their m.o. is to come up with some words and slogans.

Remember our people, knowledge wave, sustainability etc
and then ram them down the voter's throat.

They have always been big on words.
But their actions have always only been self interest, lying, cheating and corruption.

Anonymous said...


Go directly TO JAIL

Do not pass "GO"

Do not collection $10,000,000