Monday, January 18, 2010

Jordan's thoughtful post

According to David Farrar, Labour's Jordan Carter has a thoughtful post on what Labour must do to win in 2011.

Thoughful post my arse.

Labour throws slogans around better than Tiger Woods throws his private parts around. Mark these words from the post by Jordan "trade is immoral" Carter:
People generally get the message that we ran the economy well, that health and education got better...
Health and education got better? Really? WTF does "better"mean. What part of the education system got "better?". How did health get "better". Slogans, puffery and weasel words.

Jordan "trade is immoral" Carter needs a history lesson.


The Ministry of Education has been forced to intervene in almost 50 at-risk schools last year, more than four times as many as in 2007.

Radio sing-alongs cost taxpayers millions.

The Wananga scandal cost us billions.

NCEA and Scholarship exam shambles.

Numerous reviews
into failed tertiary education training.

Five year olds starting school unable to count numbers or recount the alphabet.

Numerous. Scams. And. Bribes.


Waiting times worst on record.

Ballooning health bureaucracy.

Having to be even sicker to get key operations.

The number of first specialist appointments in 2007 was in fact 10,000 lower than in 2001 when records begun.

I could go on and elaborate further how health and education got "better" under Labour from '99 to '08, but I'm sure you can see how they did get better all for yourselves.


Just my opinion said...

Exactly. Jordan tries too hard to sound like it's not sour grapes but I can see through his revisionist spin to paint Labour as a wonderful pair of hands.


Anonymous said...

Labour has no chance whatsoever of winning in 2011.

No chance whatsoever.

That's good news.

The best news is that with John "Do Nothing" Key doing, well, nothing - Brash can move to ACT and take them above 10% -

and then we might just see real action!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Their default position is to lie. Labour people are predisposed to telling lies. It is embedded in their dishonest nature.

They were thrown out because people recognised their moral turpitude and Jordan Carter was a member of the Labour Party Council. He is part of their problem.

Anonymous said...

Why does he now allow comments? I don't enjoy the one-way blogs.