Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Good Night From Her and..............

............ and it's good night from her.

Hot on the heels of Jennetix' departure, Sue Kedgeley says she is considering resigning from Parliament.

Right next to this announcement in this mornings Herald is a gentle puff piece on the juvenile clown who will pursue the bogan vote. Pure comedy gold.

Kedgeley will be remembered for two things The enthusiastic food nazi who was conned into advocating a ban on water and being the only MP whose 'scalp' was publicly claimed by the concrete mixer from Invercargill.

The Greens chances of making 5% in 2011 now are as good as Obama's chances of a landslide destruction of the Republicans in the mid terms.

Parliament will be a better place.


Inventory2 said...

Wasn't it Kedgely whom Loosehead Len's "Susan of Herne Bay" was based on? Apparently she was quite a looker in her younger days.

pdm said...

Her sister was married to Chris Laidlaw wasn't she?

BTW - I wonder who the weirdo to replace her will be - that strange dude from Nelson who rode the odd looking bike must be getting close again.

showmethetaxcut said...

Do you get the impression that the senior ranks of the loopy party realise they are a spent force? And without ever even firing a political shot. Marvellous.

Anonymous said...

With any luck we will switch from MMP to democracy and the greens and labour scum will be history

the productive members of the country at least deserve the "choice" of govt between hard lefties Key&English SMS center lefties Hide&Brash - although Obama is of course far yo the Right of all of them.

WAKE UP said...

I'm getting sick to death of politicians (of every party) departing the job they were elected to do, any damn time they please - and making a big deal of it too. Spare me. Effectively, they've got themselves elected under false pretences, and they should be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act (or whatever), penalised and made to pay reparations. Fuck 'em. All of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Well all ya gotta do is stay long enough to qualify for Parliamentary super.

Anonymous said...

apparently she refused to go round the laidlaw's after he came back from his stint as ambassdaor to Congobongoland because he brought back a tiger rug. Rather than removing it, laidlaw allegedly thought this was a brilliant excuse to keep Old Nanny Kedgley from bursting his eardrums.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "Showmethetaxcut." The party of protestors is now (and always was!) a group of sad and angry utopians who instinctively "knew" how all of us would be better off having them make decisions on our behalves.

They won't die out until the next election. Don't forget the old adage..."new head and new handle, but still the same old axe!" The young addition to their parliamentary gaggle will learn the true result of collectivism when he and his friends are collectively flushed out at the next election. Good riddance!


Inventory2 said...

Let's forget any pretence now that the Greens are a tree-hugging "green" party any more. They are not. They are anarchists, socialists, Marxists and communists, and it will be the duty of the VRWC to make that known.

The mission is simple - in 2011, the Greens must follow Winston First to the politicial wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Iv2 Should be fun.

peterquixote said...

It is worth considering that the votes given to the previously
charismatics in the Green party:
that is Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzimmons, and even Kedgley in her own way will noe go across to Labour.
Green leaders like Russell Norman Russell are making progress but the rest of the party is stuck in the old days of the extreme left
They are now left without even Maori party allegiance.

That means a shift of 5% to Labour .

Anonymous said...

A shift of 5% to Labour...still 20% away from the Treasury benches.