Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Irrelevant Pursuing The Irreverent

The Herald this morning sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil as it runs no less than three puff pieces on Labours BBQ at Phil's place. Such vast space devoted to so much empty waste.

Bad enough that Goff's inevitable re-election as the most invisible leader since Obama Sin Laden was boomed up into a triumphant celebration, the Herald excelled itself with it's trumpet call to action from the boy from Nga Bush, Shane Jones.

This is the loon with more puku than brains who, in one ill considered public insult, ensured that Ratana moves away from Labour for ever. (That's how we shore up the voter base Up North, Bro. We showed 'em!)

And this guy reckons he's going to drive the Maori Party from the house? Hell, he's just driven Ratana away! Goodness me, he's another empty suit like Obama. Much fatter and hairier but just as vacuous.


pdm said...

To get a guts like that Jones must drink a bit of piss. and probably pays for bugger all of it.

WAKE UP said...

A truly inspiring photo - if there was anyone in it.