Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here's What Wrong With NZ

It's an attitude of mind which says it's OK to lie, it's OK to rip off other people.

No better exemplified than in this disgusting opening stanza from a report in Stuff this morning.

"The environmental watchdog is questioning whether power companies are rushing to install smart meters to make money from customers who were previously undercharged."

Someone might tell the curry munching chugger lugger who wrote this junk and the all too PC PC for the Environment (Note to Bill English about budget cuts) that power companies are installing meters to ensure that ALL THEIR CUSTOMERS are fairly charged for the energy they buy.

Moving right on.....

Last week Adolf applied twenty litres of paint to the exterior of his house. The first ten litre pail cost $159 at a well known store. The store was out of stock when Adolf rocked in for the second pail and so directed him to the sister store down the road. There Adolf discovered the price was $169. Noting the big sign offering 15% off anything priced less at a sister store, Adolf approached the customer service desk.

The large and rotund surly curry munching service lady looked at Adolf as though he were a great greasy green lump of cow shit (untouchable) as she picked up the phone and called the miscreant sister store, asking for the paint department.

"Oh hello, I'm going to paint my house and I wondered if you have four by ten litres of Dulux Timbercryl, white, in stock and what is the price please?"

When she established that they were temporarily out of stock she hung up the phone and reluctantly commenced the paperwork for Adolf's windfall discount. As she did so I asked:-

Why didn't you just tell him who you were and ask for the current price?

The remarkable reply was:-

"We are trained to do it this way."

Do you mean to tell me your employer requires you to tell lies?

"No no no we are not telling lies"

No, not much. I took my damned paint and left her to her ruminations.


pdm said...

I would have been tempted to go elswhere - in fact anywhere else - and not darken the door of brother or sister shop again.

Paint shops must be `a dime a dozen' on the North Shore.

Anonymous said...

Whats your f***ing problem with "curry munchers"--personal attacks because you cannot argue coherently ? Does your brain hurt from the festive booze and is your ass b***ning from the food.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

pdm - a major national chain

Anon - I don't have any fucking problem with curry munchers. Do you?
You should try calling a spade a spade some time. Too many asterisks on one day are bad for you.

ZenTiger said...

Meanwhile at the other store:

A: Just had a phone call from our other shop, pretending to be a prospective customer

B: Those idiots could just ask us directly without trying to check up on us all the time

A: Yeah, caller ID gets them again

KG said...

The title of the post and the first line hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

Your racism aside (anon 9:58am hit the nail on the head), the power smart meters are smart only for the power companies.

That is, the power company gets real time info about your power consumption from the smart meter, allowing them to market power charges that maximise their profits.

Nothing wrong with that - just don't expect us to help them gouge us!

Criticism of smart meters is fair, power consumers don't get info from the smart meters directly to allow us to modify our consumption - it has to come from the company.

So there is no incentive for consumers to let the power company install a smart meter - tell em to take it elsewhere, like I did.