Friday, January 15, 2010

Have they learned anything from the last lolly scramble?

NO is the short answer.
Sending Mike Williams and a gang of ginga poofs to Melbourne to dig the dirt on Key was an epic own goal and must have contributed to the exit of Clark.
You would think they might just have realised that this just will not wash with the NZ public.

So what do we see today on the labour lapblog?

i wish the standard had enough cash to send someone after Key on his hollidays to snoop around in Hawaii. what the hell does he do there anyhow? i hope it’s all savory activities. no strip clubs etc…. if he were going to indulge in anything that offends “mainsteam NZ” he sure as hell wouldn’t be doing it in Wellington.

at the very least an expat NZ asset could be developed to keep tabs on him.

a flight of fancy perhaps, but maybe not an unrealistic one..”

Roger Nome, most of us have seen comments from this eternal student over the years, but this one is a doozy.

Anybody feel like doing some snooping on this winner?

Philip Mason post grad student at Otago,are you a window licking panty sniffer or were you just joking?

Click the quote to go and have a look at the post.


Danyl said...

The Standard comment is really stupid, but then again the stuff you guys post all day is also really stupid (see Adolf's preceding post). You don't have much of a moral high ground here.

Barnsley Bill said...

Agreed Danyl, but what makes you think I am interested in inhabiting the moral high ground? Adolfs post is his business.
I have made no secret of who I am and will take the abuse when it is warranted. Roger Nome on the other hand is just another eternal student with an eat the rich mentality hiding behind an anonymous user name. he wants to be a snooper, well let us see if he likes it up him.
It will probably come as no surprise to you that the space I inhabit is about as far from rich as it is possible to get, but I am sick of these "get everybody else to pay and then shit in their faces" lefties and their flawed self righteous attitudes.

The Veteran said...

Sorry Danyl ... we have the high ground made easier by the fact that Mr Nome is following in the 'proud' foorsteps of Mike Williams.

You lot are the pits. My Dad, a proud Labour Man who walked the streets in Hawera in the 1950s in support of 'your' Party, would puke at modern day Labour.

Oswald Bastable said...

You have the moral high ground when you ain't a shit-eating party-line spouting rimjaw livestock-molester.

The Veteran said...

I do wonder whether Roger Nome with his extreme posts might be a covert National Party supporter on a mission to discredit Labour through guilt by association.

Much like Redbaiter might be covert Labour.

Roger Nome and Redbaiter. No difference. Same book, different cover.

TimL said...

I think that Sinner is a covert Labour.

Danyl said...

You lot are the pits. My Dad, a proud Labour Man who walked the streets in Hawera in the 1950s in support of 'your' Party, would puke at modern day Labour.

Oh God, please don't say such cruel, unkind things about 'my party'. I just love Labour so much it tears me up inside to hear it judged so harshly.