Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go you good thing!

Reading FC, fourth to bottom in the Championship League (the old second division), lead Liverpool 2-1 with about 5 minutes to go in the FA Cup fourth round(?). Best of all, it's at Anfield!

Go you good thing!!

Benitez might be looking for another job in amount 4 minutes.

UPDATE: All over, Reading win. Sucked in you scousers.


Barnsley Bill said...

Time for a week of Scouse jokes. We had a lot of fun when barnsley did the same to the scouse monkeys a couple of seasons ago

Inventory2 said...

Bewdy! Bewdy!! Bewdy!!! Benitez is finished - the FA Cup was Liverpool's last chance for silverware this season, and now the Anfield cupboard will be bare.

Oh dear; how sad; never mind!

Barnsley Bill said...

Agreed, I expect the ranks of unemployed fat waiters to be bigger by one within a few hours.

alex Masterley said...

Ha Ha Ha!
Go Reading!