Monday, January 18, 2010

Global Awakening

Recent surveys show that the great unwashed average Joe in the street is waking up to the con job which has been done by the global warmenising unholy cabal of money grubbing 'scientists,' profit gouging carbon traders and ratings hungry media.

Last week it was Roy Morgan in Australia and now The Herald in NZ.

Roy Morgan pretty much sums it up with this:-

“Australians are becoming increasingly sceptical about the Rudd Government’s proposed carbon emissions trading scheme legislation (CPRS). For the first time support for the legislation, which the Rudd Government has pledged to reintroduce to Parliament in February, has dropped below 50% — now at 46%, down 4% since November.

“Support for the legislation has dropped on each occasion Roy Morgan has asked this question — at the same time, an increasing number of Australians say their view of Global warming is that ‘Concerns are exaggerated’ — now 31% (up 1% since November). This is a small increase, but is substantially higher than when the question was first asked in April 2006 (13%).

You can almost hear the torrent rushing out through the breach in the hitherto impregnable AGW dam. Listen to the bleating of New Zealand's very own warmenisers as they flail about trying to keep their heads above the surface.
"Dr McGregor, whose department at Auckland University includes climate sceptic Chris de Freitas, said scientists were increasingly certain climate was changing and the change was being driven by humans, but news reports tended to focus on alternative views.

Dr McGregor said if climatologists explained their research processes better, they might be able to avoid popular criticisms, such as recent accusations of scientists "fiddling" with climate records."

The Prime Minister's science adviser, Sir Peter Gluckman, said the 28 per cent figure was not surprising as scientists were not claiming conclusive proof. He said little in science could be conclusively proven......


Sir Peter said climate science was more difficult to explain than issues such as IVF or genetic modification.

"It is particularly complex ... which leaves room for confusion."

The only confusion seems to be in the minds of the warmenizers who don't seem yet to realise the game is up.

Let them drown, I say, let them all drown.


Anonymous said...

It's not science - it's stamp collecting, with bias for job creation and protection.

ZenTiger said...

I'll allow that it is complex (and therefore prone to error), and I'll even allow that there is a case for sustainability even if man is not affecting the climate, and therefore some form of "action" is sensible.

What I am extremely suspicious of is the proffered solution does not necessarily tie in with the problem, and that other solutions are not being adequately explored. I am skeptical that the government can drive the solution by taxation and a share trading scheme, and I suspect that their solution will create far more serious problems than they are prepared to admit (or even consider) and finally, we (the market) have been driving towards sustainability for several years now. Climate Change advocates will simply ride of the coattails of what we are doing anyway.

Inventory2 said...

Poneke's blog is mandatory reading today

adamsmith1922 said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

Adolf, how do you have the cheek to criticise AGW, when you were the first one to defend Key (and Smith) when the ETS was passed?

Where is your? Any decency left in the blind National supporter you are?

Spam said...

I understand that this is the same Glenn MacGregor who features here