Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Future credit cards

Even though nature is telling us the opposite of global warming, will the thought of power, control, easy money and privilege be too much for the world's politicians to resist.

How soon before everyone is being issued one of these?

We will all get "x" amount of "free" carbon credit but should you wish to exceed your modest daily quota you will have to "top up" your card with hard cash. And no prizes for guessing where that money will go. Every transaction from buying groceries, petrol, electricity, holidays etc will require a "swipe".

Of course there will also be these cards for the select few.

The Herald brings out another bullshit report just to keep the softening up process going.

Now it quotes the WMO (read UN) as the great authority. Yeah right.
NIWA now measures "temperature change" rather than "temperature"
Then we get a bit of international mayhem thrown in just to keep the fear factor up.
Droughts and typhoons have been a part of world history for much longer than the WMO has been recording data.
As a matter of fact the earth has been completely ice free for over 80% of it's history.
We actually live in what are cold times with the potential to get colder.

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This has already been proposed by a government advisor and former minister in England.
| think a top politician in the opposition Tories also liked the idea too.